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Initially it is the idea of movies in the early days. The silver screen, the beauty and magic that once was more art form than common place. The glamor and complexity of characters that challenged the status quo and gave us new worlds. The more I think though, the less this holds true. The more it relates to our modern world, to the screens that dominate our attention and minds 24/7 making our world both infinitely larger and more restricted. Too much information, too easy access and we find our time entangled in a series of horribly mundane actions that plague us from sunrise to sunset without adding any substance to our lives until we wake up one day and we are 65, wondering why our presence has had to little impact on the world. We are consumer, we consume and when you spend all your time consuming you leave the world a more depleted place.

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Oh the gods. How people worship them, praise them, allow them to account for their sins and achievements. The idea of a god is so appealing, so inviting. Who doesn’t want to believe there is some all knowing being who will condone the things you believe and condemn the things you disdain. An entity that need never be questioned, analyzed or challenged. The authoritarian parent whose only reason need be; because I said so. But it isn’t all bad, it is a way to believe in something larger than yourself. Although if you just look around it shouldn’t be hard to see that everything we are a part of is larger than ourselves. No need for a special reward in the next life if we cherish and do our best in this one.

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What isn’t unhealthy these days. There’s a line for every argument and a hypothesis for every artifact in our lives. One week it will cure cancer, the next week it will cause it. What was healthy in your youth, will be your downfall in old age. Reminds me of the sun. When I was young, the sun was good for you and we were to run and bask in it without the care of sunblock or skin protection. Only people who burned needed sunblock, not the rest of us. Today though, we know better, today we know that those youthful follies in the sun will kill us. Did we know, of course not. Did our parents know, of course not. And yet somehow their consent and encouragement to participate in such an activity serve to kill us just as they satisfied us.

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Saving mine? That’s almost impossible. How did they do it when they were younger, my parents and grandparents that is. It seems like and insurmountable task. Was life relatively less expensive. I mean it’s not like you can buy a house and support a family with a stay at home mother on a semi skilled job anymore. So how are you suppose to save money these days. or perhaps savings could mean something else, like a stockpile of time, or youth, or dreams. What kinds of things do we save? What things matter enough to save…

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It happens, right before a big fall. You get set up. The better the set up the more unexpected the fall. The more detailed the setup, the harder it is to fight back. Either that or it’s just referring to the tedious set of steps required to prepare a new item or project.

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The guiding way, the one that tells us which way to go to move forward. Those not on the pathway are in the wilderness, those in the wilderness must be lost. Isn’t that what we are told? Isn’t that how it is portrayed. I have always thought it was that way, always looking for my pathway, my golden ticket to a happy life. Perhaps my pathway is more like a trail though, and it is not the pathway that has been the problem but instead my idea of what it should have been.

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The counterpart to light. One can not exist without he other, they are two sides to the same coin. We all exhibit both light and dark in ourselves, acknowledged or not. The darkness doesn’t necessarily blot out the light and the light doesn’t necessarily lessen the darkness, they both exist independent of the other, battling for control of each moment we face.

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A criminal, a person of crooked moral dimension. They jut out at the wrong times, they persist down ill recommended pathways. They have not concept of right and wrong or perhaps they have do but ignore it anyway. Doesn’t mean they are bad people, perhaps they are desperate people. How can you know in the moment you make that decision, how can you know when from your perspective all you can see is the wrongdoing taking place.

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It’s quiet. Not just in the open, but in my head. The rollercoaster of stressful thoughts are still asleep. The air is crisp and clear unmatched by any other time of day. The colors in the sky pastel, seeping their calmness into my body. It will be over soon, the world will wake aware but unknowing of what they have missed. Yes, there is no better time to sit by yourself.

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The green emotion. The color shown in movies and stories to represent it’s root, envy. Why is that? What about green inspires that idea? We say things like “the grass is always greener” and “the green-eyed monster”. How did green become associated with jealousy. It is the color of life, the color of the trees and vegetation that make life possible for us. The color of beautiful gemstones. When I hear green I think lush and vitality. I picture rolling green fields and tree covered trails. Perhaps we are jealous of nature.

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Everything has a sub specialty these days. When I was young I never even heard of a children’s dentist. The dentist was just the dentist, you saw the same one your parents saw and you dealt with it. Today the ‘kids’ dentist is a marvel. Chris that fit them better, a custom TV screen that rotates and moves around so that the little one can watch something in any position while the dentist works away at their teeth. Yes, my kids love the dentist and I never did. I think adult dentists should have this too to satisfy the kid in all of us.

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A very serious word for a very serious meaning. It bears a striking hilarity to persecuted. Another very serious word. Funny that they both have the word cute as part of their genesis. Hardly seems fitting al all.

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Youthful folly. As a child is there anything more fun than a snowball thrown in good sport? Bringing a grin to your chin and making you feel so alive. The cold that cherries up your cheeks and pumps ice courage through your veins. You run, you leap you, hide from playtime ammunition, heart racing as you avoid a hit, hands steady as your aim ratings true. Then again, is there anything more malicious than a snowball thrown in hateful vengeance. The sting of cruelty you never realized you’d earned.

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Long and silken. The sleeves coveted her arms from shoulder to the base of her fingers. She liked the long sleeves, she felt elegant in them. The fine lace that ornamented them a labor of love, as fragile and delicate as the love she had for herself.

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What a common item, a stable of food in western culture. An enemy of the image obsessed, both praised and discriminated against by experts. So many types of bread today; white, wheat, rye, wholemeal, wholegrain, 9 grain, sourdough, honey wheat, french baguette… Such a simple commodity with so much variation thanks to the preferences of others.

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Not like the ones on TV, not yellow or full of children. The city bus, crossing the harbor bridge, full of people in business suits and formal wear, as you might expect from a vehicle traveling to a big city. Over the harbor bridge, with my friend Tina, heading to work experience at the Art Gallery.

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Young, inexperienced, the world had not yet been seen. Life had not left it’s flavor on her yet and she wasn’t sure she liked that. Scared to know what it would be like, scared she would regressively wish herself back home, but not scared enough to prevent her from plunging headfirst into the wilderness.

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It wasn’t much of a profession but it was all mine. Clipboard ready, hat on head, wondering what shipment would come in today. It was my job to receive these boxes, but I always did more than my job caring for them.

» Posted By ABot On 05.27.2016 @ 7:01 pm

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