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My palms begin to sweat as I stare at the basket being passed around the pews. It seems like everyone is dropping a five into the woven bowl. It gets closer and closer as I nervously glance around, making sure no one is looking. It is set into my lap. I pull my closed fist out of my pocket, and open my hand, dropping a measly nickel onto the pile. Passing it on to the person beside me, I pray that someday I will be able to contribute more.

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The basket is passed around the pews as my palms start to sweat nervously. It gets closer and closer and it seems like everyone is dropping at least a five dollar bill into the woven bowl. Finally, someone sets it into my lap. I pull my hand out of my pocket and unclose it, dropping a measly nickel onto the pile. I wish I could contribute more, but it’s all I have.

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I stare at the mirror, but the woman who looks at me is not who I am. This woman is badly burned all over her face. Her nose, her once perfectly curved lips, and her normally bright eyes were no longer shaped how they used to be. Why me? I asked myself, as I pulled my hood over my face and sighed.

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I couldn’t help but drift off a little bit as I felt the comforting, foamy bubbles cling to my skin. The warmth of the water was divine, and I sipped my wine slowly, savoring the rich flavor. I sighed to myself, feeling slightly guilty for the indulgence, but deep inside, I was finally happy. I deserved this.

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I gasped, trying to breathe in the thick, sultry air, as my old, torn up Converse pounded the ground. I hoped I wasn’t too late. Maybe he would still be waiting? As I approached the corner, I suddenly got a sense of fear. What if he had left? Got bored and went home? I closed my eyes as I approached the corner, afraid of what would happen when I reopened them. I stopped short, gasping for air, as I stared at the abandoned bus stop.
He was gone.

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I sit at my tattered desk in the corner, straining my eyes to see the board. I don’t understand why we don’t get nice, clean desks and new, shiny books like the other kids. I sigh to myself, trying to write my name with a dull pencil, but the tip barely makes any marks, so I have to trace over it a few times. The Elizabeth Eckford at the top of the page is barely visible. I sigh to myself, wondering if it’s really worth all of this, just to be educated.

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“Dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad da-”
“What, honey?”
My dad was the most patient person I ever met. I swear every time I saw my bobber move, I thought it was a fish, and I’d just about wet my pants getting his attention, and every time, he would slowly say, “what honey?” and I’d tell him I had caught one. So we’d reel in the line, to find that my hook was still baited, with maybe a piece of seaweed caught on it. He’d cast it back out, and it’d start all over. Never did I actually catch a fish.

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Deeper, deeper. I buried my head into my pillows. Why couldn’t I just stay there forever? Away from pain, away from everything. Like a worm, doing nothing but hiding in the dirt, insignificant, but safe. No one needed my presence, my input, my trust, my friendship. My head sank further, the Downy-scented fabric soaking up my salty tears, and muffling my heavy breaths.

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Grotesque. Horrifying. No words could describe the… the thing looming over my head. It had terrifying arms, or tentacles, or whatever they were, and teeth as long as my thumb. It’s eyes were red and piercing, as it stared me down like a food critique inspecting it’s meal. I was shaking so hard I felt like my bones were going to shake right out of my body. It got closer, closer, until i could have touched it. Then, it…
Sorry, guys, my 60 seconds is up!

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Wind in my face, blowing through my hair, my fingers, everywhere. Slowly rocking my feet back and forth to get higher and higher, my old tire swing was my childhood. The sturdy rope hanging on a branch fifty feet off the ground, it was as close as I would ever get to flying.

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“Duck! Hurry!” I heard someone scream. I looked around, confused, and saw men everywhere jumping into trenches that they built around the battlefield. Before I could even move towards one, I saw a blinding light, and a cloud of smoke and dust swallow the grass beneath it, getting closer and closer to my panicked body. I started running. I knew I couldn’t outrun it for long, but I tried. I put one foot in front of the other, as fast as my legs would allow, but I could feel the scorching heat at my ankles. In a moment I was enveloped with choking gas, and I could feel my lungs screaming for help…

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I knew I would regret this, running away. My master always told me that if I had any sense, I’d stay with him, but i didn’t listen. I ain’t gonna listen to him, if he’s gonna whip me when ever I misstep. I hate my punishment, but I hate my master even more. Why couldn’t I have been born freed?

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I remember the vast vineyard, and sighed to myself. That place was my childhood. I remember running along side the vines of purple grapes, and I smile. Memories are all I had left of that place.

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