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He couldn’t go to a hospital.

It was closer, yeah, but he couldn’t. His mask was torn and his outfit was ripped, and anyone would have been able to see right through the gaps in his identity.

He couldn’t make it to the clinic though.

It was too far.

What was he to do??

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Keith glanced outside. As much as he hated that dog and knew it was mutual, he felt bad that the dog had to spend Christmas on the heated porch, away from the festivities.

Plus, his ears twitched every single time he heard the little thing barking.

With a sigh, he silently got up, ignoring his boyfriend’s questioning glance, and grabbed a treat from the kitchen. He made his way to the porch door, cracked it open just enough to fit a finger through, and tossed the treat on the porch.

He sat back as the little creature stopped growling at him and focused on happily munching on the treat. He thought back to the movie the family had been watching and grinned.

“Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.”

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He’d never been happier that the walls of the bathroom were soundproof than he was at this moment. He couldn’t even imagine the humiliation he would be feeling if they could hear his pathetic cries.

He clutched at his stomach and gagged up more bile and snot from his sobs, feeling every tear drip into the disgusting fluid in the toilet. His hands shook so badly that he couldn’t even get a proper grip on the seat, and he sagged against the side.

Why him?

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Time isn’t moving
And neither am I
Growth is gone
Nothing is born
All of it just stops
The only thing I want
I want to be free
Only then will I be alive
New and useful and needed and loved

» Posted By A Paper Flower On 11.14.2016 @ 7:01 pm


He was a shell of his former self.

His once radiant blue eyes were dark and listless.

His flaxen hair was wispy and dull.

His porcelain skin had taken on a gray hue.

His hands trembled.

His footsteps dragged.

But no words were spoken.

No one knew when it had started.

No one knew how to make it stop.

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He was having a dream, no, a nightmare. Some distant part of him knew it. And yet…

Sora could not help the elation he felt when he ran towards Cloud’s open arms, knowing that he was here, he was with him after all this time.

There was a blurry figure behind Cloud, one that reminded him of someone he knew, but no, that couldn’t be.

He couldn’t seem to run any closer though, no matter how hard he tried. Their images started to fade, the blond hair being replaced with a deep crimson that seemed to engulf all of him until he shattered.

And the other? Well, it seemed like his other father was never there to begin with. He merely faded away.

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There was fire everywhere.

Alarms rang through his head as he clawed at his ears, trying to make the terrible ringing go away.

There was ash on his skin and smoke in his lungs, itching, burning, making him gag and cough and sob all at once.

His voice was hoarse from his screams.

He could smell burning flesh.

And somewhere, in the distant background that was fading away every second, he heard a mechanical voice attempting to calm him down, to get him to open his eyes.

The words “panic attack” were drown out by sirens.

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His sleep was filled with nightmares.

His dreams were full of memories.

Screams and burning flesh.

Silver hair and long blades.

Scalpels and greasy glasses.

Bullet holes and forgotten promises.

He would never forget again, no matter how much he wanted to.

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It’s a portal to the past, a portal to the future, a portal to anywhere but now.

The option to redo the past, remake the future, and change all time.

The past was written in stone, but stone could always be eroded away.

The future is concrete, except when that concrete cracks.

Time itself is immovable, but the events can be changed. Altered. Renewed.

All it takes is moving through time, and the portal is right there.

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My stomach dropped.

My skin went cold.

My mind went blank for that half second until everything gained a new, vivid light.

It felt like the sum of the universes problems had dropped down my throat.

But at the same time, it was like reality fizzled away until every detail was shaded in gray.

It was overwhelming.

It was familiar.

And it was not wanted at all.

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The burning incense.

The lit candles.

The dim lights and the foggy atmosphere.

The herbs, spices, scents spread around.

The hair, plucked carefully from a forgotten hairbrush.

The ashes, tenderly laid out in position.

Finally, it was ready.

“I’ll bring you back, my love.”

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Maybe sometime they can actually feel free.

Maybe someday they’ll be able to be with each other.

Maybe somehow they’ll find a way to be happy.

Maybe they’ll find someplace to live forever.

Somewhere they can finally have a life worth living.

But they know that somebody will always threaten who they want to be.

Someone will try to ruin them.

And so that sometime, that somewhat in the future, unknown time…

It becomes never.

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“His execution date is set.”

Those words repeated in the rat’s head as he sprinted back as fast as he could, back home, back to him.

“Those terrorists are going to broadcast it all over the remaining world.”

He had to make it in time.

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She’s lived in a castle all her life.

She’s always wanted to see the world outside her royal life.

She was tired of seeing golden walls and red carpets.

But she never thought she’d see eyes clearer than the bluest sea.

His eyes.

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Mauled by their fans.

What a horrible way to go.

Unbelievable, yes.

But as she attends his funeral, tears falling from her beautiful eyes, she laments.

How did this even happen?

Is popularity such a price?

Maybe they should have locked his door better.

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“Just buy the formula,” she said.

“It’ll be easy,” she said.


As I stare down the aisle at the thousands of different bottles, I make up my mind.

I’m moving out.

Baby or no baby.

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They knew nothing.

They thought she was wicked, evil, despicable like everyone said.

They thought she was a witch, someone who could only bring the bad.

If only they knew.

If they did, they’d know “witch” for far too little of a description for her.

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Have you ever felt like your entire stomach was dowsed in ice?

Maybe it felt like your heart dropped down past your feet until you couldn’t feel anything but hopelessness and fear?

Or maybe you feel a phantom pain piercing your very core, even.

Now, he felt all of those and so, so much more as he gazed at the brunet that was bound to the wall, covered in so much dirt and blood that the only part where his beautiful skin could be seen was where the tears had run down his face.

It was like everything had paused as their eyes met for the first time in weeks.

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We just kept getting farther away from each other.

It honestly frightened me so much.

Once upon a time, we were little kids playing in the sand, having no cares in the world. We’d swordfight and wrestle and curl up next to each other until our parents came to get us.

Once upon a time, we were enemies. He was so bright and pure, and I was sinking farther into darkness. We fought and struggled and cried, and it only left us separated.

Once upon a time, we were strangers searching for each other. We helped each other without knowing, yearning for the other. We reunited as different people.

Once upon a time, we were close again, but the war was pulling us apart. I had my duties and he had his, and as much as we longed to see each other, we had a part to play.

We had our roles, and there was nothing I could do to change it.

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Our houses are separated by a fence.

Every day, I would see him outside taking care his (demonic) kittens as I made my way to work.

I was never brave enough to talk with him.

But then, one of his friends let him drive and he knocked the fence down.

I was I had that initiative.

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Maybe in an alternate timeline, things would have gone differently.

They could have both escaped.

They could still be with their family, living happy lives as free humans instead of livestock.

The both of them could have grown into much more than they already were.

Maybe they still can-


As Mika gently pokes at his fangs, he knows that he can be nothing but a monster.

Things could have gone differently.

But, alas, everything is still the same.

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I think it’s neat how people can interact with people.

It’s cool how they can be themselves without hesitation.

They can laugh and cry with no shame.

I wonder how that works.

Every time I try, I make a mistake.

It’s almost funny.

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It was signed anonymous, like he didn’t know who it was.

Oh, he knew.

He had felt satisfaction the day when he realized that the (very attractive) man he saw outside of his work everyday was the one leaving a single flower and a note each time.

In any other situation, it would have been borderline creepy, but that was just something that prevented him from feeling nervous around this stranger. He actually looked forward to seeing him everyday.

And now, as he saw the note peeking out of the pocket of the man who had just saved him from a hard fall off of that stupid ladder, he was very glad that his interest in the stranger had already been piqued.

Otherwise, his face would have been five million times redder than it was now, which probably would have killed him.

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He watched his little brother from afar (always from afar), onyx eyes wide in interest. The interaction between him and his female friend had fascinated the dark mage ever since he had found out the younger one was still alive.

The blonde girl seemed to ignite a passion in his eyes that Zeref hadn’t seen since their childhood. She brought life to his smile, and solidified his cheerfulness.

Something, the dark mage admitted, that he hadn’t been able to do. He’d brought his brother back to life, but he is now only truly alive around her.

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The rain was bittersweet.

She knew that she was a nuisance to everyone she met, because the rain followed her like a loyal companion. It always blotted out the sun, casting gloom onto towns as she passed through.

It was a hazard to her guildmates as they went on jobs, though the only person she didn’t want to slip was Gajeel-kun and he knew her well enough to avoid any major damage.

It cast away any other friendships she hoped to have. Really, who would want to be friends with the girl that brought sadness and dark days?

But sometimes, she felt like it was the only thing that truly understood her. It didn’t run away, and it felt for her. If she cried, the sky cried harder. If she laughed, mist rose up and tickled her cheek. If she was mad, thunder shook the ground.

It understood her.

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He had been stupid, Hiro thought. So, so stupid and so, so hopeful.

That party had planted a seed. Once he saw the prince kissing that mysterious girl, he knew that it was all in vain. How could he have ever thought that he had a chance? Did the prince even swing that way? Hiro would never measure up to that girl. He was a peasant, merely residing in the castle as his home was being repaired. In was a gesture of gratitude, and he would be gone from the prince’s life once it was done.

But, oh, how he wanted to stay. He wanted to be part of this family, to accept the leadership position they had offered him. Nevertheless, Hiro knew that he’d only be torturing himself in close proximity to the one that holds his heart.

He had to say no…for the both of them.

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He looked like he was only resting, Tadashi mused. He looked peaceful, his soft smile not holding any of the animosity that it has held for the past two years (and before that too, but he didn’t fully remember until now).

Figures, once he regained every semblance of memory from before the fire, his world would burn to a crisp once more.

Tadashi’s fingers shakily traced the scar running across the teenager’s youthful face, the uneven skin a bleak reminder of a distorted reality. His tears mixed with the blood barely still pooling on the child’s (he was sixteen, still only a child, still so fragile) stomach, merely draining because there was no blood pumping through his body.

He held his baby brother, the one who’d finally broken free of the darkness only to fall further in, and sobbed.

It wasn’t fair.

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It was a stretch – a long shot, if you will. But he had to try.

Quietly, he crept up to the little genius, acknowledging with a twinge of bitterness that he really didn’t even have to creep to be silent. He watched as his younger brother shivered, his arms wound tightly around himself as more sobs racked his small frame.

The kitsune couldn’t stand watching his one joy in this world shiver from the cold and the self-loathing. The fox crouched down in front of the bench, heart clenching as he saw the guilt pooling in those brown eyes. With a snap of his fingers, the man ignited his hand and slowly set the fire down on the branches in front of him, sparking the flames into reality.

The boy’s eyes widened as he stilled, gazing at the fire with something akin to hesitant curiosity. The kitsune smiled encouragingly like he had many times before, his golden eyes filling with hope.

“Don’t cry, I’m here.”

It was a long shot, but he had to try.

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His mostly violet eyes gazed down at his people – the pride of the United States of Japan. It had taken some time, and many sacrifices, but they finally did it. He finally won.

Britannia was lost to the past, and the world was reborn under his rule.

There was no preying on the weak.

The regrowth of a nation – no, a world – was under his jurisdiction.

He would make sure that his efforts were not wasted.

His eyes gleamed – one violet, one red – as applause and cheers waved off the silence.

And sadly, he jolted awake to the golden eyes of C.C. gazing down at him.


They fill you with hope, only to let you down.

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There were eleven.

Eleven older sisters – the ones more graceful and elegant than I could ever hope to be.

They were the ones that had the suitors come from near and far to watch them dance.

They were the ones that were talked about in the kingdom.

They were the better sisters.

I was the lesser of them all.

Yet, he still chose me.

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