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The thermodynamic scale is an absolute scale because it is independent of the thermometric properties of any substance, as well as any empirical results.

The Celsius scale is a mere arithmetic adjustment of the thermodynamic scale.

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in the grand scheme of things, what even really matters?
People have this tendency of telling you to look on the bright side
Keep going! It’s not the end! You’ll get there someday!

But what if all I ever want, is the happiness that is right now?

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even after all these years, there remain many choices
not one of them considered ‘right’

so don’t you dare impress upon me your values
your ideas
your thoughts
impose on me your precious opinions

you may pick your path
but I’ll pick mine

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There is something about the best days of your youth
That clamour to be used for a greater good

A good that surpasses all reason
All rationale
All portfolios
All expectations
All reasons why they think you’re not the person you should already be

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