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He adapted to her presence more easily than he’d thought he would.

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He was reminded of an instance years ago. Since her murder had been hidden, there had been no funeral. His chest ached. No funeral for the only friend he’d ever had. He’d built a small grave for her out of fist-sized stones, circling a white rose bush that bloomed every year. He made it a point to visit that place on the anniversary of her death.

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The desolate area chilled her. She scaled the hill and gazed over the expanse of short, dark green grass. A cold gust hit her in the face. She rubbed her arms.

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He smiled. Actually smiled for the first time since she’d met him. It transformed his face, smoothing the hard lines on his forehead and softening his eyes. She automatically smiled back. She wished he’d smile like that more often.

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He dipped the needle in alcohol to ensure it was sterile. After drying it, he turned to the subject. “Don’t fight,” he said in a low voice as he slid the needle into her arm.

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He raised his power to the highest level. It expended from his hands, his eyes. He shut them and tried to control it.
But power of this kind is hard to control. Pain streaked through his head, stabbing his brain.

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“You’re too analytical,” Silver said in a quiet voice.
She just stared over the ocean, her arms folded tight.
“We have to help her.” Silver laid a hand on her shoulder. “She’s alone.”

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Another strike to her cheek. She staggered, blood trickling from her mouth.
“You broke the rules,” he said as he stood over her.
She pushed to her hands. Her arms trembled. “I did everything…I could…”
His boot slammed into her back, shoved her to the floor. “Don’t say one more word.”

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The overt glare of the sun shining on the pistol nearly blinded him. He stared not at the gun, but its holder.

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Rouge smiled and held open the door. “Come on in.”
“Thanks.” Julia smiled back. “I hope I’m not intruding.”
“Not at all, hon. I’ll fix some cocoa.” Rouge headed into the kitchen.

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He glanced her way. She sat in at the kitchen table, studying an article about flowers in the morning paper. He considered asking her what it said, then thought better of it. Instead he headed out of the room and to the workshop. He had work to do.

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Shadow studied her. Only fourteen. Barely an adolescent. How could her kidnapper have done what he did? Snatched her from her home and tortured her?
She realized she was being stared at and said, “What?”
He relaxed. “Listen. You’re going to be fine. You don’t have to worry.”

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He watched her play with the cat out in the front yard. Just an adolescent, lean, alone. He had to make sure she didn’t fall into the wrong hands again.

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She found she had security with him. Strange that she felt safe with a perfect stranger. Only time would tell until she knew if she could truly trust him. For now, security was enough.

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Louise’s hair could have passed for gold. It shone under the harsh lab lights.
Julia smiled. Maybe she could trust Louise.
Or maybe not.

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He was a veteran of hatred. He’d faced it, passed through it, and now stood on the other side. Every now and then, he felt it tugging him back. He kept fighting it.

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He had to be selective with his friends. Breathing in, he looked out over the water and remembered. All that he’d lost. Fortunately, his recent friends were trustworthy and loyal.

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Her psychic senses were heightened to his presence. Strange, since she’d only known him for a short time. Somehow she felt safer with him, practically a stranger, than with her foster parents. She smiled. Maybe she could introduce them.

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Family values. That’s what she’d always been taught. Be responsible, stand up for what you believe, and be loyal. She did all those things. But her foster parents hadn’t done that. Once her secret was out, they’d turned their backs on her. How could they?

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“Looks pretty radioactive,” Rouge said, twisting her lips.
He glanced back at the screen. “Not radioactive. Just toxic.”
“If I didn’t know any better I’d say we had a murder on our hands.”
Shadow grunted. “A killer. We need to track him down.”
“No kidding.”

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At the forefront of his mind was the reason she was here. Because of Guy’s death. He was taking on something he didn’t understand. Why let her in when he’d lost so much before?

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A prophet is without honor in his own town. That’s the way he felt when he set foot in the commander’s office. Something had changed. Something had shifted. He stood without a word, waiting for the commander to speak. The man said nothing. Just stared across the room at him.

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Personality is one thing he would never overlook. Maria had it all: a charm and a sweetness that could not be expressed in words. Her ready smile, her bright face, she was the world to him.
And now she was gone. Forever. If only he could remember every detail about her life and her past. She had died, because of him. Because of him, she had died. He wanted to bring her back.

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