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They seem to grow with you, but in reality you just replace them – replace them like everything else you lose when you, simply put, grow up.

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As one, we pulled on the rope, all 50 of us. The calluses on our hands screamed and burned as our muscles ripped at the seams. The giant, stone statue lifted into place; it was raised.

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A doorway to something new – a new beginning, a new game – stood in front of me. I was going to fight, to play towards whatever goal they gave me. I threw my shoulders back and pushed on the door. I was ready.

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I don’t understand why my parents are yelling. My dad’s veins are popping out and my mom is waving her arms wildly. Don’t they understand how incredibly ridiculous they look? Everyone in the restaurant is staring. I hide my face. Can’t they act civilized?

» Posted By 15jcartwright On 10.17.2012 @ 10:18 am

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