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Lots of things sway. for example trees, swings and lots of other things. Sometimes swaying in the wind is peaceful. It makes me calm and helps me when I am mad to relieve my stress. I like to read on a swaying swing and I feel like i can almost hear the characters calling to one another.

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hello world

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plants grow. people grow. you never stop growing, and even when you think you have stopped, you grow

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A greyish powder lined the test tube – it had not been cleaned after the previous experiment.
Residue is like mess… something left over when you don’t want it to be. The remains of something.

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to wake up late and skip breakfast and eat around 12. to have it with your friends, because its a weekend and everyones wants to sleep in. to mix breakfast with lunch. you can have anything from cereal to a hamburger.

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strong avatar clothes

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Funeral. She sat there in her black dress and dark sunglasses covering her eyes. She tried not to cry. It was an impossible feat. She was burying her baby.

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fucking cone

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a cone? like the ice cream filled variety… or the illuminous traffic kind to warn you? well this is written in orange so i guess its the latter of the two and the less delicious…or maybe its the bizarrly shaped head of an visitor from another planet?

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the words above explain the word within or rather the group of them assembled, cobbled with syntax and grammer, grammar, how many can fit in a single one without a full sto

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its got my future last name in it :D Mitts i love this guy he is so awesome cant wait til we are married heck i need mittens rightnow is still snowing we had a white

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