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“What do you think of this picture?” asks Tiffany.
“It looks kind of weird?” answers Taeyeon.
“I think it doesn’t look like a picture at all,” Jessica chimes into the conversation. “What is that guys?”
“I have no idea.”
“Yuri offensively decided to mess up our dorm’s feng shui with this painting.” Taeyeon complains explicitly, pointing at every angle.
“I thought it’s a poster.”
“It’s too sanatic to be a poster.”
“Is it supposed to be something abstract though?”
“What kind of idiot finds a mole abstract.”
Yuri walks into the scene, happily smiling. “So guys, what do you think of the pic of my butt hanging on our walls?”

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If this was icecream Yuri would be grateful but this was ice and her tongue was stuck to it. Oh goddamn it someone please save her. It was her stupid idea of showing off by licking frozen morning dew.

“Pff, told you so.” Taeyeon laughed.


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Negatively speaking one would love to whack Taeyeon across her lovely face. The girl was a nitwit, full of herself, everyone wanted to slap her. On the other hand, there was also this lady who seemed to dangerous to anyone in contact. Everyone expected things to mess up when these two people meet, however, something changed.

Ever heard of negative times negative is positive? Yeah, that just happened.

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Kwon Yuri says that she’s strong.

She is healthy and that she needs no one to take care of her. She goes to gym thrice a week, eat healthily, and talk with fresh air. She never tires. But that was before and now it’s after, in Japan, and she isn’t quite sure if she could say that correctly. (It is not as easy as it seem to fit into a new environment when everyone assumes you can.)

And this time it is her heart that decides to give up as she struggled helplessly to a chair with no one to help her breathe from the shattering lungs. She calls home today, crying a little, regretting a little.

Kwon Yuri says that she is strong, but she’d wish she lied.

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If this was rain Taeyeon could’ve used an umbrella but sadly it’s not, and all she could do is stare down at the girl from the second floor.

Her friend, Tiffany, was crying hard, she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

Maybe tissues and a hug would be enough.

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They weren’t really the something in town, people don’t talk about them nor see them as a couple that would go along like a lock and a key. They just don’t fit, in any sense, they were something else. They were something that needed to be together, like left and right.

However, right now they are lost, but they both know they’ll find a way. They have each other, right and left, Taeyeon and Jessica. They are going to make it though.

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The thought of seeing someone at this distance and become awestruck by them is quite absurd, one mentally stable person would say but Sooyoung is hit by brick.

The being that stood a street away from is beyond description, if she could describe the dictionary in her hand would not suffice. This of course doesn’t happen everyday and the small girl feels the urge to run across the street and ask for this person’s name; and ask what class is she taking; and ask do you have something to do afterwards because Sooyoung could excuse herself to be quite free and drag the girl on for tea.

No, no no, It’s not a date, don’t get her wrong, Sooyoung is just mentally making up scenarios in her mind. Choi Sooyoung absolutely doesn’t go on dates even people coax her too, school comes first and everything comes second.

She ponders for a second, her eyes locked on the figure again.

Okay, she might be able to make an exception for this person.

“Hi I’m Kim Hyoyeon nice to meet you!” the girl smiled as Sooyoung offered a handshake.

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And then Taeyeon dropped her water bottle, it was half full and after the thing hit the floor Yuri yelled furiously. She almost slapped her friend whose mouth is hung open.

“What on earth Taeyeon?!” screeched Yuri as she looked for a pair of trousers and a mop.

The girl didn’t answer but speed out of their dorm, extremely scared, apparently the girl forgot Tiffany’s birthday and she apparently just saw a vision of herself being beat up by a prada bag.

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Yuri secretly loves to paint but she doesn’t tell anybody that. She feels as if her little secret got loose it would be an embarrassment to her life, but one would argue that such things were not.

“You draw great things Yuri, why don’t you even share.” Yoona pouted at her friend while leisurely resting on her bed with a magazine shoved between her fingers.

“How do you know, you haven’t even seen it.” Yuri furrowed her eyebrows frustratingly.

“Well it’s your passion, anything with your passion in it is beautiful.” Yoona put her magazine down and offered her friend a wicked smile. “Plus, all your pictures were of me, and I’m clearly beautiful.”

Yuri’s face went bright red as she hurled her art equipment across the room at Yoona who is laughing and saying desperately on the floor. “I knew your passion was me!”

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Maybe Taeyeon wanted one of that… a husband who could take care of her or who could be a pillar for her to lean on, well, only if a husband came in a cardboard box with instruction manuals.

“Taeyeon-ah, I’ll be home really late today, tell the rest not to wait for me and it would also be great if you could make soup? I think I need supper after the rehearsals! Thank you! ^^.”

There was a heavy sigh after she read the text message, but maybe she want something more than a husband.

“She’s not going to be here for dinner again?” Sooyoung asked as she peered over her little friend’s shoulders.

“Yeah, busy schedule.” She wanted someone to stay more.

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Do you have to really be at stake to do something is right?

That question had been circling Taeyeon’s mind for quite a while now and she wasn’t sure if all the things were worth everything. And so, she did take a deep breath for a moment, and stepped back from Tiffany’s door, lower her pale, scared, knuckles and retreated to her room.

Their friendship, so to say, Taeyeon might actually laugh, were some things, when at stake, should not be sacrificed.

“Just friends, shall we?” she asked her diary with a sullen smile.

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This was definitely war.

Taeyeon held her ego high but apparently it took too much time to actually do anything; thus, the said puny girl got hit by a squash. Yes, you read it correctly, a squash. The friggin fruit called squash.

She was making fruit salad on the faithful evening.

“This will not be over!” the leader screamed, irritated at her fellow members who are giggling aloud in the kitchen. “You all are going to pay for this!”

However, her words were vain and the riot continued for several hours. Why did it start, nobody knew except the mischievous girl, Tiffany, who accidentally switched Taeyeon’s camomile tea with Yuri’s maa because the shorter girl left the toilet open.

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