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She treated the people around her like currency. Like her mother was a quarter and her father was a dime, her husband was a wad of dollars and her friends were a selection of international coins at the bottom of her suitcase.

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No home. No bed. No chair. No closet with no clothes and no shoes. No table with no food. No window to look through. No door to be knocked on. No mailbox to receive letters from loved ones.

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The man comes to this street every day, he observes and every time he would suddenly get furious at the sight of trash lying on the street outside his house. He would rush into his house and grab a broom. With a few swift sweeps, he would throw off any visible trash together with those rubbish that are invisible to the naked eye that are present at the molecular level. Don’t blame this guy for his anger, he has issues with cleanliness.
He Hates Litter.

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We live in a small house and there is nobody to help my mother with the housework. Well, actually there’s my brother, my sister and I, but it’s her house, not ours.

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Her eyes took in the nothingness of everything. Names can always lie, look at her. The faces of her friends-how did that happen-didnt know yet. and she wasnt going to tell them

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reapeat what you did repeat what we did don’t repeat mistakes stop repeating that word repeat your kisses and your love don’t regret life has no repetition is just one

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it’s warm and the coat i’m wearing right now is made of it, the last person who wore it, is my ex girlfriend, and it still smells of her.

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I miss you, Chaz. maybe too much. l:

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Lock. Well, I’m locked. Atleast I think so. It’s really hard to truly get to know me. It always has, but now more than ever. As a kid I was shy. When I grew up a bit I wasn’t. I was loud and talkative. Now I’m shy again.

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I wonder to myself why “Scarf” is still my one word, and then remember- I wrote on one word at 12 this morning.

But wait~! It’s 1:54, now. I wish I had a new word to write.

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Commas are so important. They can really make or break a sentence. One misplaced comma can completely change what you’re saying. A comma in the right spot can make your piece flow so much better. Use commas!

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Sneeze, one of the strangest fetishes I’ve ever heard of. An amazing force usually from a tiny trigger. Cute when the right person does it :)

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I’m ready to collapse into his arms, like it would end everything now. All my stress and irritation, all my worries, everything- if he could just be here and if he could just hold me everything would be better. It would be perfect.

He’ll be here soon. Maybe then things will get better.

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Collapse. I think of a cardboard box immediately. I think of how we associate a sound, with an action. Should I write a story right now or a poem? Does it matter? Do I matter? Note: Make an effort to look at the sky today, and I mean really look at it and appreciate it.

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“Could you just stop saying ‘major’ all the time?” “Oh, so now my diction is a major issue?”

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80’s fashion trend on the rise agina. Also a cool game.

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I tried to bake her a cake to mark the occasion. But I used the bouquet instead of the flour. Now I’ve nothing to give…

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Survival is his middle name.

He has been fighting for his life since Day One.

To stay alive in a new world. (1)
To stay alive in a house with his father. (2)
To stay alive in a school with no friends. (3)
To stay alive in a school with people who tried to kill him. (4)
To stay alive as a Bad Guy. (5)
To stay alive as a Spy for the Good Guys. (6)
To stay alive.

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balm oil can’t make you feel better emotionally

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The piano can be quiet. It can be loud. It can be utterly annoying and ear-piercing. But more often then not, when she played it, it was the most haunting thing you could ever hear on this earth.

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