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Transport could be used as a word that you could use when thinking about moving. transport is a very long word.. that is very easy to spell.

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copper is a mineral that arizona is very famous for. copper is used to make pennies and other items such as wire, etc. copper is gold and is also a color on arizona’s state flag.

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A railroad is a track that holds a cargo train or sometimes a passenger train.. needles to say a rail road, is a road with rails

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ivy is a plant it is a beautiful creature of god that grows in nature and then dies… this is all i know about ivy:)

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certain means something specific or (certain) in other words it has a certain type, or way.;)

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i think lousy means it is half done right half done wrong a and not given very much effort if given any effort at all. done half asked.

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a kit to me is like a sewing kit. a kit can be something you use to fix something repair something or make something stop bleeding like a first aid kit.

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Elixir to me means a kind of mixed substance that could be a drink, or any watery, liquidy sustance.

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when i think of fangs i like to think of vampires, and halloween. when i hear the word fangs i think of blood, and bats,. or the twlight series

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when i hear the word siren i think of ambulances cop cars fire trucks, accidents, fires or just very hurt people seeking urgent attention, that could be life or death situation, the sirens on an emergency response vehicle also sends a notice to people to move over on the road and let them through to help the person in need.

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a shore is a part of a beach that has lower and higher climates that has sea water coming up and down it. shore lines are very soft packed sand.

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