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Baby deer rollick
As if in carefree Eden
Day-sky moon smiles

During the fawns’ play
A pair of hidden eyes prey
Yellow mountain cat

4 seconds of fear
Yielding to a final cry
Under dimming sky

Puma’s bloody fangs
A death of one innocent
Likewise innocence

Those of soft heart weep
Over loss of young & sweet-
One loves deer STEAK meat!

» Posted By ! Haiku-maN ! On 04.03.2017 @ 6:32 pm


Shakespeare’s life stages
I am, As You Like It, now
Bearded like the bard

Let the truth be known
I’m with partial BEARD more like
Joe Dirt… sans mullet!

» Posted By ! Haiku-man ! On 03.29.2017 @ 2:01 am


if all had believed
in their power to succeed
none would have CHEATED

then all could have witnessed
true greatness being lifted
and pride well suited

» Posted By ! Haiku-man ! On 03.21.2017 @ 1:52 am


Coworker cowards
rarely they rattle their chains
won’t rally for change

don’t you dare complain
if YOU are unwilling to
fight for any gains!

chains must be broken,
first cease being a coward
then travel forward

don’t accept WRONG norms
remaining down on all fours,
escape to OUTDOORS

inside our systems
we operate and when fail,
time to fix!… or bail!

» Posted By ! Haiku-maN ! On 03.06.2017 @ 2:47 am


You’ve become afraid
Overburdened by new doubts
Unnerved by past days

Confidence can come
Along any avenues
Not named, narrow, new

Free from distractions
Let your heart and mind STEADY
You, then are ready

» Posted By ! HAiKu-MaN ! On 02.27.2017 @ 6:38 pm


No knights of valor
exist now to enact wills
of wise counselors

men today are weak
afraid to care, clearly think,
not without lies speak

you “win” by cheating
and when need to fight, pretend…
that you are SLEEPING

» Posted By ! HAiKU-mAn ! On 02.25.2017 @ 5:40 pm


Again, I heard it…
more political banter
Washington’s “Candor”

mindless opinions
further mis-educate us
from rich and famous

» Posted By ! Haiku-man ! On 02.23.2017 @ 12:56 pm


History shows us all
mostly what we should not be
So I will be TRUE

to what I should be
a declaration to all
should be and true me

Blind conformity,
selfish pride, I reject both
of balance I’m host

» Posted By ! Haiku-man ! On 02.19.2017 @ 7:17 pm


I loss the screen for crumble. It froze then this showed up so I’m doing crumble.

First statues of gods,
then men pride in capers and
their own skyscrapers

all societies
will raise great structures and rise,
then CRUMBLE and die

we’re born hopefully
on a rising ocean wave,
toward a golden age.

» Posted By ! Haiku-Man ! On 02.16.2017 @ 11:20 pm


Repay good parents
by being Educated
and being good too

Offer your GUIDANCE
of compassion and justice
through generations

Aloha Zai jian Ciao Oyasumi Nasaii Alles

» Posted By ! Haiku-Man ! On 02.10.2017 @ 2:56 am


I’ve taken VOYAGE
on the Pacific Ocean,
tranquil and joyous

joy incomplete,
unlike to those around me
that taste only sweets

with filtered eyes see
some gold lane of history,
sans its bloody streets

I’ve had ancestors
sail on Atlantic Ocean,
enslaved and frightened

I’m the one that knows
they deserved more to be free
and enjoy nice things.

» Posted By ! Haiku-maN ! On 02.06.2017 @ 4:20 pm


longing and cages:

LONGING for release
from bitterness and anguish
daily besieging

CAGES of the Fates
trap me with spotty wi-fi
and fools that I hate

but now could be worse
I would be in true, full rage
if in old slave days.

» Posted By ! Haiku-man ! On 02.04.2017 @ 8:26 pm


[Pt. 2]

you can’t “discover”
a place already having
men in great numbers

it’s not “colonize”
where live and thrived a people
that you terrorized

total genocide
you sought so none would remind
of truth you deny

truth is, you invade
if land left aft of you is paved
with graves of the slain

If native were you
then as nazi flag to Jews
is the red, white, and blue

» Posted By ! Haiku-Man ! On 01.31.2017 @ 6:02 pm

white people declare
to be “true” americans
yet european

they were “colonists”
“pioneers”, “settlers” of land
of “free” and the “brave”

but they looked to claim
across populated plains
making earth blood stained

Against, for glory,
“savages attack” of “their”

How is it you own
land where others first had homes
and set crops to grow?

a trail can’t be blazed
if a path has been pre-made
through lands of real braves

[2 B Cont’D]

» Posted By ! Haiku-Man ! On 01.31.2017 @ 5:57 pm


Instead of answers
seek better understanding
of what to question

It is the question
that one must know in detail
or the ANSWER fails

I’ve heard the cliche,
“There’s no book on parenting.”
There’s books on all things.

[brain just got jammed up
forgot what I would have wrote
it would have been good]

(pouting as time runs out.) :-(

» Posted By ! Haiku-man ! On 01.30.2017 @ 9:04 pm


I can’t help but mock
those that waste a lot of time
choosing shoes and socks

Black jeans with a tee
that’s all the OUTFIT I need
the choice is easy

» Posted By ! Haiku-Man ! On 01.27.2017 @ 4:31 am


Repugnant are THIEVES
unless stole for greater good
or absolute need

Most are caught, released
then go back to hang with fiends
never learn a thing

The only good thieves
use their loot to go legit
one job done and quit

unless you instead,
prefer the adage of dead
ask someone to lend

» Posted By ! Haiku-maN ! On 01.23.2017 @ 3:51 am


Australia had
gigantic sized kangaroos
and huge wombats too

Until invasion
by a foreign species new
much like me and you

The fact is exact
homo sapiens attacked
then their lives we lack

Were all man’s vessels
filled with brave fools or by whim
of MADMAN enslaved

no flightless birds run,
no Tasmanian wolf howls,
is “fauno-cide” done?

» Posted By ! Haiku-man ! On 01.22.2017 @ 6:07 am


New word, yea!

for their ego or allow

to befall themselves
and others. They are a plague
I know as, cowards

[Except in sports like Tennis, Serena should use intimidation factor, ! COME ON !!]!

» Posted By ! Haiku-man ! On 01.19.2017 @ 1:56 am

When struggles in life
ensnare and etiolate
one learns if they’re great

If we RAMP from Hell
our inner hope-fire crackles
too boldly to quell

!!Novak is beaten!!
so to Denis Istomin

No, it’s not a Djok
and proud mom, also his coach,
with joyful tears broke.

[Good job Mrs. Istomin! She’s a real role “mom-del”]

» Posted By ! Haiku-man ! On 01.19.2017 @ 1:36 am


Some definitions
in encyclopedias
count golf as a game

To rise to be sports
games are played “head to head” with
“offense AND defense”

[So golf IS competitive, IS skillful, yet IS a GAME. Plus, the mere debating and arguing over this for years by millions makes it not a sport, for people don’t question football, basketball, boxing, etc. en mass.]

Happy MLK day, and MLX day since I respect both violence allowing and refraining ways to Justice and for Human rights. People worldly praise the former, but the latter proved more practical and effective in the USA, but the system and governments being challenged to change for the better prefer to honour only Dr. King Jr.’s approach copied from Mahatma Gandhi.

» Posted By ! Haiku-Man ! On 01.17.2017 @ 6:21 am

Of all GOLF movies,
The Greatest Game Ever Played
is solely not lame;

Save one comedy
with excitement aroused by
a man of hockey,

beaten by show host,
but wins at the end with some
ricochets off posts

» Posted By ! Haiku-Man ! On 01.17.2017 @ 6:14 am


As a boy I thought
CHAMPAGNE a drink for rich lips
that I’d never sip

I knew that team wine,
not beer, would likely be mine
since I love to dine

» Posted By ! Haiku-man ! On 01.15.2017 @ 5:03 pm


Citizens value
of nation, not much to me
as of the world be

An upgrade can fail
causing problems unforeseen
DOWNGRADE we may need

Microsoft Windows,
gives constant examples of
upgrades as downgrades

I have given pledge
to not ever browse again
with Microsoft’s Edge

[ Comic Book Guy says, “WORST BROWSER EVER!” ]
[ Men on film say, “Hated It!” ]
[ Microsoft’s minions say, “DOH!” ]

» Posted By ! Haiku-man ! On 01.13.2017 @ 6:47 am


I bet I know it
the Oneword of the new year
it’s resolution

Or so I had thought
but RESOLVE is close enough
less cliche I’d say

It has inspired
many to write posts well like

[Good writing guys/gals. I enjoyed more than average the expressions here. Keep it up!]


» Posted By ! Haiku-Man ! On 01.02.2017 @ 12:43 am


young cats stay hungry
lunging at prey too early-
let passions SIMMER

don’t act on feelings,
simmer over your options
and consequences

relations are ruined
most often by the quick word
emotionally hurled

think, not feel, then act;
life’s odds favor such people
and the hunting cat

[ Be impulsive and rely on luck, or intelligent and determine fortune.]
Most never learn, will you? … Can you?

» Posted By ! Haiku-man ! On 12.31.2016 @ 5:03 pm


I saw them up there
now I wasn’t sure of it
SMOOTHIE or soda

I chose fountain drink
because I could mix flavors
3! No, five in one!

kids behind laughed
as I played mad scientist
but it was so tasty

filled up on fluids
before my order was called
at that Taco Bell


[ Excuse Me. ]

» Posted By ! Haiku-man ! On 12.31.2016 @ 3:24 am


Loser behavior
that gets popular among
the mass human herd

ego overfeeding
to take and post a SELFIE
is trite and absurd

same old shot angle
and distance from arm held out
or bounced off mirrors

nothing shown unique;
have nothing better to do
than snap you, pets, food?!

Can you not perceive
the difference between plain
moments and special?

It raises my RAGE
to see all the photo wastes
dumped in cyberspace

[Seriously, sometimes hand the phone over to someone to take a picture of you and friends or set it on something and use a damn time delay. Also you’re not celebrities, great people have others wanting to get photos of them. Most aren’t obsessed with self snapping, no neediness to do so. Develope a talent. Don’t selfie video yourself copying some trick that someone else already got famous for. Think of something original and preferably not stupid, if that’s possible for you.]

» Posted By ! Haiku-Man ! On 12.28.2016 @ 10:38 pm


During Christmas time
people are BOXING a lot
of gifts… and feelings

loving and giving
out of obligation to
relatives disliked

gifts under the tree
open up on Christmas but,
true selves stay unseen

» Posted By ! Haiku-Man ! On 12.27.2016 @ 2:32 am


Don’t think you belong?
not accepted in the world
I’ve got news for you!

Success and failure
one action separates them
the one done ALMOST

got killed or got rich
got love or a great career
many have almost

anyone can join Almost
chances are, you’re a member
welcome to the club!

» Posted By ! Haiku-Man ! On 12.25.2016 @ 9:01 am

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