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On a softer side
just heard Shanti Snyder sing
quelle splendide belle voix

» Posted By ! Haiku-Man ! of Discernocracy On 11.09.2016 @ 1:55 am

They said, it’s duty,
when I was little, to vote
I sensed, it’s a waste

The worst decision,
or a losing, better one.
both, failures when made

mine as usual
wouldn’t have mattered if used
I banked well, years back

I’m a good banker
I bank on people’s fears
and idiocies

the nation continues to
divide and regress

[ This generation shall not be the great one, it seems, to undue
failures of the past, but, will in fact continue disappoint similarly]

» Posted By ! Haiku-Man ! of Discernocracy On 11.09.2016 @ 1:46 am

I’m always correct.
I hate it. see the future,
but can’t change a thing

I knew they were dumb
now the proof of dumberer-
‘ merikkkan voters

my genius knowhow
and business will now make wealth
for other nations

» Posted By ! Haiku-Man ! of Discernocracy On 11.09.2016 @ 1:42 am

wrinkled juvenile
inexperienced racist
now a president [-elect]

the “united” states
mere name, you’ve been, now more so
The Divided States

my only comfort,
presidential powers are
limited, fleeting

I learned these limits
in AP Government, still,
the nation is shamed [again?!]

» Posted By ! Haiku-Man ! of discernocracy On 11.09.2016 @ 1:22 am

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