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    Like a hopeless lamb, she stood, shaking in front of her peers. She didn’t ask for this, she didn’t want to be smarter, quieter, or uglier than most girls. Never in her childhood did she dream to be the nobody that everyone picked on. Yet there she stood, knees crumbling beneath her as the wolves circled their prey. She was nothing more than lamb…[Read more]

  • As I walk past your old, abandoned house, the ghost of you conjures with a gust of wind. Although the haunting presence startles me, I find peace in your imaginary company. I ramble on to the wind as if you were truly there to listen.

  • Rather than making school a thing that feels needed for life, it feels as though society has sentenced everyone in The United States to twelve years of pure pain and irrelevance. They don’t teach us how to live, but they teach us to close our minds and do exactly as we’re told, whether what we’re told is morally (or psychologically) correct or…[Read more]

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    My parents suffocated me with things to do. They gave me a terribly long list of chores, and extra school work on top of that. The decided to have me learn an instrument too. All because they caught me sneaking […]

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    Ever since you left me, all I can think about is how much better things were with you hear. Since you left, I’ve become depressed. Since you left, I haven’t had the will to talk to anyone. Since you left, I lost a […]

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    And just like that, he was gone. He had moved away. He was gone from my life, and I would never see him again. It’s been months since he’s left and I still find myself remembering him, and hurting because I need […]

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    The rain poured over my head as I sprinted through the parking lot. I’ve always loved the rain. It reminded me of childhood. Those wonderful days that I would go dancing in the rain with my best friends. But now, […]

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    I opened the door and smelled the fresh, sweet smell of spring. The flowers had just started booming and knowing that made my heart happy. The dead of winter is officially gone, and now everything will be bright […]

  • He stood over me. Fists clenched and a dark smirk, he enjoyed being the dominant figure. He ripped apart my heart with every sharpened word and watched happily as I obeyed his every command. He owned me, and I was […]