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    That night. The night. It will always be cased in resin, perfectly preserved; the perfect night.

    We both indulged in some psychedelics that night. Though, your trip was going downhill while mine soared. I could feel your uncomfortableness. It pulsed out to me like radio waves. You went away to try and purge yourself of the fungus that was tormenting you. You came back, still with fear painted on your face. You were not free from the spores. You said that they still had you in the palm of their hands. So we left, to the outdoors. As soon as the cool air hit my lungs, I felt intertwined, connected; to everything. I felt the life of everything pulse and breathe. I looked over to you, and some relief seemed to crawl upon your face.
    We walked all over campus. I had not a clue where my feet were taking me, but they seemed to know. I was a passenger to my own body. My eyes took in the dark night, glistening with water droplets from the morning. Even in the death of the end of fall, there was still life. Lights glowed and danced, colors popped out from all depths of the spectrum. We walked, and followed to wherever my feet led us. For hours we wandered, lost in the tranquility.
    We crossed a bridge, and you took my hand. Even in my state of mind, I knew this was monumental for you. Hand holding was not one of the fonder things on your list, so I treasured how your hand encased mine. So together we walked. Back to my room, hand in hand.
    We hardly noticed the cold, though inside my room the warmth blanketed us. We lay on the bed, your head on my chest, looking at nothing but each other. You sit up, eyes still locked on mine. In that moment, I swear I felt your soul. I was so connected to you, and you to I.
    And in that moment, you whispered, “I love you.”