• zink commented on the post, eastern 6 years, 3 months ago

    The sun rises in the east, but with every bit of daylight filtering itself through my single, curtain laden window, I can feel my stomach flipping itself over and over. I just want to push the sun back beneath the dark blanket of stars and clouds and chain it there forever. Today, as I’ve sprawled myself across my bed, watching the bright red…[Read more]

  • zink commented on the post, wilting 6 years, 5 months ago

    My mind is wilting from the image of your face, your rotten face, blankly staring ahead. The twisted, intelligent mush of my brain has tangled itself into a mess I can’t be bothered to clean up. Pink strings are knotted in my head, and my tongue’s tied halfway down my throat, and my hearts climbing it’s way up, desperately clawing it’s way…[Read more]

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    He names his son after his best friend.
    His dead best friend.
    He doesn’t know why, doesn’t know how, but his first son’s name ends up being his best friend’s name, same spelling and all. He doesn’t know how his wife agreed, doesn’t even know why his wife would nod her head at the sudden suggestion, but it still ends up being the syllables…[Read more]

  • zink commented on the post, worthwhile 6 years, 6 months ago

    All her life she’s been searching for something worthwhile, something that’s completely worth the suffering and sadness and the tears and the blood and the pain. She’s been searching for it for so long, but when she sees him smile, when she hears his laugh, when she feels his hand on hers, she knows that everything she did wasn’t a waste. The…[Read more]

  • zink commented on the post, fasting 6 years, 6 months ago

    He works his hardest to take himself away from the things that remind him of them, the things that strike the fondest memories locked deep away in his heart that he can’t seem to get rid of. He fasts off of frosted cookies and magnolias because those were their favorite, those were their absolute favorite, and he knows that if he takes one bite…[Read more]

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    A rally of sobs is all he hears. A rally of sniffles and voices that hurt, hurt a whole lot. And if he listens hard enough, he swears he can hear his love weeping in the back, but it’s impossible, because his love is dead, dead, and dead.
    He turns his head and listens, listens, listens for their voice, but it’s not there, not there at all.…[Read more]

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    He is the vapor on my skin, the vapor rising up from the ground and the bodies decay, vaporizing into nothing. He is the ghost of a touch on my arm, the wind in my hair when I run, when I run far, far away from the place where hell came crashing down. He is the vapor in the air that I breathe, the molecules of dust and dirt my lungs must filter…[Read more]

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    The smoke’s rising up, rising up and up and up and up, and he can’t take it. It’s hot, filling his nose with the dank scent of death. His vision is skewed, and there’s no way out. Like vapor, filling his lungs until it all goes for naught, bringing him closer to death and letting him waste precious seconds of the time he has to be alive, time…[Read more]

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    I’ve been stapled, stapled over and over. Reused to the point of no return. Torn to shreds and glued back together again, over and over. Over and over until I’m not sure what I was to begin with, all I know is that I’m far from what I was before. Stapled and torn, glued and taped. Stapled to the dingy streets where I grew up, torn down,…[Read more]

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    Stapled pictures to corked walls. Pictures that mean nothing. Pictures that are nothing. Pictures that will go to waste and will end up in a recycling bin and become one of those stupid layered pencils.
    Stapled, not stable. When you’re stapled you’re stuck, when you’re stable you’re ready, ready for anything and everything. When you’re…[Read more]