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    Her lips moved as the sea at sunset, with a beauty and randomness of waves clapping down upon her face. Whenever they parted, a dark cavern awoke to accept another dripping olive. I wonder, as I look back upon […]

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    Somewhere between improbable and unjust lies an idea that at first glance seems utterly simplistic, even idiotic, in it’s vehicle for change. These ideas are the million dollar notions of intelligence and virtue, […]

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    Infrequent trips tend to leave a pin-sized hole in one’s reasonably twisted sense of longevity. If one is to believe in such a thing, astrology states that these trips can be affected by singularly being born on […]

  • We went about collecting the various supplies we needed, a task that long ago became such a chore that sometimes we considered stopping, seeing how long we could last without them just to end the incomprehensibly boring rut of daily life we had created for ourselves. That’s not totally accurate, it wasn’t us that had […]

  • A familiar melody played itself out from tinny, under powered, unseen speakers in the waiting room of my soul. I’ve sat here many times, completely absent of any nervousness, apprehension, or fear. The thing is, I hate sitting here. It seems like every time I get in to see myself, I’m quickly ushered out of […]

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    Instinctively, the slight pressure variation he sensed meant only one thing. The direction of the world was about to change, and like the sunrise every morning inevitably comes the sunset. As if the sky was falling, he began to wonder if this was the last time the tiny bits of sustenance would float by and […]

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    It was late summer, just when the unbearably hot days began to slowly give way to a smattering of cloudy days and chilly nights. This was one of those nights, a sparse but cold wind blew the very first bunch of fallen leaves, harbingers of what would come soon enough. I was walking, not with […]

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    You wear a coat of armor which is shielding below it a chastity belt, immediately surrounded by small wire fence, where on first examination seems to be quite docile but in fact many thousand volts run like raging rivers through its unseen tributaries. Just outside of this lies buried in coarse gravel, hundreds of mines, […]

  • Some objects that are used in daily life have a certain connotation, one’s mind immediately finds an image and a use for whatever it may be. We all infer as a product of our mental reasoning, which is and isn’t a bad thing. It can be good when one is in need of speedy decision […]

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    There was this faint shimmering, so faint that I was barely sure it was real and not just my eyes playing tricks on me. I decided to investigate, so I felt my way along the wall and rounded the corner, coming upon yet another extremely dark hallway of sorts. I could not make out the […]

  • What happened next was as just a response as a slap in the face. Such an insignificant crack in the pavement grew before his very eyes and as he watched in horror his toes hit it squarely, sending him sprawling. Some kind of stored carbonation in his stomach came to life and rushed upward through […]

  • A meager smile spread across her face, a face that seemed to struggle to bend and mold itself into the simple gesture of joy. She looked down at the paper I had handed her, that smile sitting squarely on her rather forgettable face, then back up at me. I had played out over and over […]

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    They pushed into each other viciously, their wanton animal urges boiling to the surface. For such an advanced race, people tend to retreat back into their wild inner beasts at the slightest misfortune, becoming themselves the animals they seek to tame. The ground was shifting beneath their feet and those ahead of them became no […]

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    He sits at his desk, the water and fluids in his body pump through every capillary and vessel, electrical impulses resonate inside his skull and flow out of his fingertips like a storm-cloud. His pen moves, divvying out black ink onto the bleached white dried wood pulp, relaying a message for no one in particular. […]

  • How was it that the sound could be just an underlying abstraction, something which contained both presence and spirit, yet so willfully agreed to remain quiet in it’s splendor. It careened from the wall of heaven to the gate of the underworld, massaging everything it touched with fingers of reverberating force, and yet, passed by […]

  • I was once asked if I believed the sunrise was more beautiful than the sunset. To my knowledge, each scene represents an expressly different mindset. The sunrise is, if you are lucky enough to catch it, a beginning, a daily rebirth where you may find yourself ready to take all comers, a dawn of not […]

  • Introductions, as far as most people are concerned, can very well determine, even at great lengths, the quantity and quality of whatever relationship will follow. They can also create an artificial air, something that seems on the surface to be one thing, but after subsequent meetings, depending on the nature of these visits, can be […]

  • His bed was his own private coliseum, the battles fought there won and lost with the knotting of blankets, the misplacement of pillows. If you could call his sleep fitful, you would be laughed out of every academic organization that held any pride in it’s ability to describe perfectly, or poetically, any single action than […]

  • I followed him as he meandered down each unrecognizable street, hampered only by his evidently bum right knee and advanced age, and wrote in my small notebook each misstep and blunder. There seemed to be no distinct pattern to his wanderings, each day a different location, and each day different meals and rests. If he […]

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    Factoring the wind, level of the land, and the weight of the load, the foreman made his predictions of future, his own crystal ball made of tree pulp and bleach. The pencil scratched across the page, doing it’s own part for the oracle of the temple of steel. No one can say that they will […]