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    She had no less than fourteen barettes in her hair–in purely deocrative places–each one with a plastic sweet glued o one end. Her hair was blue at the roots and pink at the tips.

    “What are you looking at?” she said.

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    The sand scraped her knuckles. She pinched the sand dollar lightly, blew the sand off it, and held it out to him flat in her palm.

    “I don’t want that,” he said, shrugging, hands in his pockets.

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    She pushed the teabag own with the end of her spoon and let it pop back up.
    “Smells good,” Sonja said.




    “It doesn’t have to be now, but you know we are going to have to talk about the letter eventually.”

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    She yanked her hand away almost as soon as the impulse to reach out for the book had stuck her, before she was even aware her skin had made contact with the wrinkled leather surface, hissing through her teeth. She licked her fingertip and felt no heat, but the skin was red, raw.

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    Boxes and boxes and boxes. Infinite little boxes to tick off, or leave blank, one by one, Harriet dreamed of boxes.

    “I’m sorry sir but it doesn’t appear that you are eligible for our program,” she droned into the phone. (By day. Though she dreamed of these interactions too.”

    No matter how Sir or Ma’am might huff and puff, no matter how long…[Read more]

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    She lifted her face, sniffing the cinnamon and burnt sugar coffee smells on the air. The air was cold. Mary turned and burrowed her nose and chin back into the covers. She rolled over so that the light beneath the door was no longer visible. Her back and neck were sore–she probably just needed to sleep more.

    Karen’s voice was soft: “I made…[Read more]

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    She lay her palm into the dough and pressed until it oozed to the edges of the plate beneath it. The air smelled of cloves–some had spilled onto the floor, and each time Cathy stepped in it the smell rose again.

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    “Gone? What do you mean gone?”

    The man scratched his belly and hitched his pants up without looking at Sam. “Lease ended.”

    “Oh.” Sam stood there a few moments more, watching the fat man grunt and groan and struggle with the scruffy sofa before he finally forced himself to turn away.

    There was nothing left for him at Webster Manor. A…[Read more]

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    The house was now a place-where-a-house-once-was. Strangely, the stove was still firmly rooted in place, like a stubborn guest who refuses to go home after the party’s clearly over. It sat untouched among a heap of detritus: smashed chair remnants, dented cans that had fallen from the cabinets, the cabinet doors themselves.

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    Mary beat her clothes on a large white river rock every morning. She dried them on the stream banks and she rested. Her legs had grown thick and firm while her stomach became soft. Such was life in America. Her clothes were all the same color now, and she was surprised when she realized she didn’t care.

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    Kalie wriggled a finge beneath to headband to scratch her itchy hairline. It was damp with sweat. She squinted into the light filtering between the tree branches. Red rock cliffs hemmed her in on one side.

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    The girl was half Japanese and half California blonde, but in the photo she posed with a long feathered headdress that came halfway down her back, longer than her hair, and blue circles and dots painted along Her cheekbones. “I’m seeking my roots,” she said, a voiceover.

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    “That’s her.” Jane pointed with her chin.

    Jen turned to look and then immediately looked away again. The girl in question was built like a refrigerator–large and bocky–with an 80s biker gang haircut and a ripped denim jacket…and she was staring at the two of them.

    “So what are you going to do?”

    “Play it smart. I mean, look at her. How…[Read more]

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    Kieran stabbed at the keyboard, but nothing happened on screen. The mouse pointer swirled endlessly and somehow seemed to scold him. “I’ll have a quote on your policy in just a moment, Mrs. Stenson,” he said into the microphone in his most calm voice, but in his anxiety his native accent came through, blurring vowels.

    “Where are you calling…[Read more]

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    “It’s sinking, you know.”

    Alison expected a semi-desperate laughing response, something like: That’s why we have to go now before it’s too late!

    But Curtis said, “I know. That’s why I want to go. I want to watch it sink.”

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    The lights flashed in the distance. There was no sound, no explosions or thunder or screams, but Daryl clung hard to his sister’s side anyway and flinched with each light burst. In the afterglow, they watched distant dust spinkle on the hills, tiny flecks suspended in red light.

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    Outside, the bombs whistled through the air and John could heard the dirt showering against the window panes. In (relative) silence, he cleaned his rifle and put it back together upon the table where his mother and sisters had served Thanksgiving dinner not so long ago.

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    Valerie let him play with the pots and pans in part because she was imagining him years from now–hair too long, but she’d allow it (would have to because he’d been an adult, sleeves pushed back, dramatic arms–how he’d be someone. In charge. And partly it was because she was in charge for now and wanted to be able to hear what he was doing from…[Read more]

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    The first one, no matter what, in all equations, is fear. For death we add a second ingredient: an end to the fear. Not a pinch or a dash, but only as much as needed. (For the dying but not those who watch the death flutter at the window pane and pass through to the chill breeze outside.)

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    She squatted in the grass, which left long wet streaks across her yellow skirt. The tails of the fabric, which were sipping out of her hand as her mouth slipped open, dragged through mud. She reached with her free head and poked the fungal protrusion. It was spongy and bounced in place.