• What goes around comes around. Everything works in cycles.

  • YourFriendDave commented on the post, frown 5 years, 1 month ago

    Frown is such an unattractive word. I’m tempted to rhyme it, but I loathe cliche`s.

  • YourFriendDave commented on the post, sweep 5 years, 1 month ago

    The broom. The team. The craze. The chore I dare not do.

  • I like to consider myself educated and worldly. In reality, I’ve only visited one country outside of the USA. How worldly could I possibly be?

  • I was a very angry kid. I had my reasons to be furious, but I’m glad I learned to let go.

  • Do people still become shepherds? Is that a viable career path? Are there benefits? And what is the proper term for that question-mark hooked staff they all have in the old illustrations? Never-mind, I don’t even care.

  • Roughly 6 weeks ago I walked in to a record store in the new town where I live. I was stoked to find a copy of Jesus ans Mary Chain’s “Automatic” on vinyl.
    “And the way I feel tonight, I could die and I wouldn’t mind…”

  • Not long ago everything felt so stale. It’s all new again. An awakening of sorts.

  • Creature comforts
    comfort food
    the comfy chair
    comfort inn
    southern comfort

    If you want to grow you must find yourself in uncomfortable situations.

  • Don’t do anything radical. Like fall in love, or stand up for yourself, or speak out against injustice when you see it, or educate yourself for reasons other than monetary gain, or do the right thing even when it’s an unpopular idea. Just keep your head down and try to blend in.

  • Relate. I know what it means, but sometimes I like to re-imagine words. Relate, for example looks like the prefix “re” attached to the root “late”.
    Instead of saying, “Ms. Smith you are tardy again.” One could simply say “You’re relate.”

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    People who claim to be bored are often the dullest individuals I know.

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    I can think nothing of worth that humankind has not co-opted, perverted, or weaponized in the name of warfare.
    Think of the wondrous things we might have created with all the time, energy and resources devoted to war.

  • YourFriendDave commented on the post, compassion 8 years ago

    Compassion is one of my favorite words. It’s also one of my favorite traits in others.

  • YourFriendDave commented on the post, spring 8 years ago

    A Slinky is just a really ineffective spring.

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    Even if you have no clue what you’re doing, you can usually get away with as long as you act and speak with conviction. Make mistakes with authority and few people will realize them for what they are.

  • Oh the flood of images and instances that rush through my mind when I see this word. I’ve failed at many things in my life, but I believe I’m a better man for it. failure has shaped who I’ve become, but it does not describe me.

  • I moved to the desert to study history, perhaps to become a history teacher. Id din’t shake out like that. Now I’m moving to the city to become a librarian. You never know where your path will lead.

  • I predict I will write something intensely personal then decide not to share it, delete the entire post, and replace it with something trite. Damn I’m good.

  • Belief. Bee leaf. Get away from that tree or you’ll be stung. Yule beast tongue. Tongue-tied, hog-tied, red tide. Believe in yourself, all others must pay cash.