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    Bite me she said. What had started out as a petty fault was slowly snowballing into something that I knew was just going to crumble our friendship into nothing but dust.

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    It had only been a few weeks but already she missed him. The ache she felt in her heart was only growing stronger as days went by. How on earth was she suppose to go through an entire year with no word from him?

  • It had become a habit for her. For some reason she found it amusing to twirl her cat’s whiskers around and watch her cat give her a look of surprise and annoyance.

  • It took her forever to find it. But she finally found the last piece that would make her costume absolutely divine. The perfect Venetian mask had cost her a pretty penny, but it mattered not as she was going to the ball of her life.

  • Yummy. That’s what comes to mind as I sit in this Japanese restaurant. Patiently waiting for my serving of fresh octopus to arrive. Nothing beats having raw seafood on a Friday night.

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    “This seat is taken” she said. Not so much that someone else was going to com sit next to her. But it was just because she didn’t want to sit next to HIM. Him of all people had the audacity to ask for the seat next to her.

  • Some things allowed you to see further than others. And the telescope did just that. With it, you’re not confined to just looking at the things on Earth. But much further than that. A place of stars and beauty.

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    A chilly day brought about a great excuse for her to take out her favourite sweater. It wasn’t that it kept her particularly warm, it was more of the memories. The memories that clung onto always managed to keep her warm and fuzzy inside.