• The sound plastic makes when it falls onto the ground suddenly filled the quietness of the room and disturbed the concentrating and dull-eyed college students in university sweatshirts from their studies. Everyone turned simulatiously and were greeted by the sight of a dark haired girl with bright blue highlights stubbornly sitting on the floor…[Read more]

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    It had been ten years since the oil had began to disperse until finally there was none at all. Everyone had went into panic for the first three years or so. Rich owners of oil companies were soon bankrupt, wars broke out for what was left and black markets opened with promises of things needed for hygiene, cosmetics, and everyday use. Until there…[Read more]

  • The stereotype for me is usually simple. Slut, emo, or whore. But if they had known why I was the way I was then maybe they wouldn’t call me those names. They’d lower their false lashes to the floor and maybe even balk like fishes do. Mouth open, mouth closed, mouth open. But what does it matter? I’m still the slut, emo, or whore to them.