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    A breath against the foggy window. The sweet aroma of a morning shower. The lonely sound of footsteps on tile. Fixated on the cieling from the floor of my room. The miraculous feeling of being on my own.

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    She stared into his sinster eyes that seemed to glow red and radiate absolute hatred. She wanted to lash out but she was afraid to even breathe. Her heart stumbled as it tried to relax and her eyes tried to escape his menacing glare, she wondered who the hell she had chosen.

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    The slightest sound made a shiver run down his spine. He smiled like nothing had happened, the pursuit of sheer comfort was still a long journey away from him.

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    I can’t remember how long its been since I last looked into your eyes. Maybe it was yesterday or a week ago. All I remember is laying on the ground looking at up at the sun through my window, or maybe I was looking at the stars. I think its August 5th, or was that a month ago? I remember, its January 28th, or maybe its December. I can’t remember…[Read more]

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    Running to catch the train, everyone rushes. People jump aboard and others are pushed out of the way. I grab onto the railing and let the train pull me as I jump up in the platform. My knee hits the doorway and my heel slips off of the platform, I fall flat on my butt and everyone tramples me, my train of thought disapears with a tail of strangers…[Read more]

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    Id take you by the hand if I could, id hold your face in my hands. Id kiss you on the cheek if I could, id kiss you on your lips cuz I can. Id put your face on every canvas, id make stain glass portraits for my walls. Id paint your hands and display your arms, a gorgeous elusive art. I want to capture your personality with every stroke I make,…[Read more]

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    If a rabbit hops and a dreamer hopes, and the waves of tomorrow crash on the sand we sink our feet into today, can we really reach all we desire? If were hoping to hope but were nowhere near achieving, is it a waste of time? May I sit on a balcony and hope for Romeo to arrive? May I hold my breath and hope to survive? Is hope pathetic in a way but…[Read more]

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    Looking at the tank upside down its so strange to understand the role gravity plays in our lives. The water stays put and the fish float aimlessely, upside down. Looking at the tank from where I’m sitting, my back where my butt should be and my head in replacement of my feet, everything looks like its been glued to everything else. In fact, the…[Read more]

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    I took everything about you, your beauty, your charm, your flaws, your annoying way of ingoring when I’m mad at you. I distilled everything about you and concluded what i believe you are; nothing but the pure perfection of an imperfect human being.

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    An alarm sounded through the entire shopping center. A crowed scurried around the exits all looking for who would be the possible theif. The sharp, piercing sound of the crying alarm rang louder and louder as time seemed to go by. I looked around frantically with a pain gnawing at my chest. I fell to the ground, why wasn’t anyone helping me? My…[Read more]

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    She lifted her child to the light with her soft hands, she laughed as she spun in circles. The child reached down trying to touch the soft features of the beautiful, thin creature that stood before him. With a simple smile, the mother melted, holding the infant in her warm embrace. She laughed as he laughed in the sun bathed living room of the small house.

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    I let my tears drip down the white railing of the emty crib and onto the pink sheets that were cleanly spread on the tiny bed just as they were 5 months ago when I had set them. I ran my hand through my hair and let the thoughts of hatred consume me. I let myself scream at myself. I let all the hurtful comments circle me faster in a spiral motion.…[Read more]

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    What does that mean?!

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    He made it feel like hell, like burning hell everytime his lips met mine. I never thought id forget that burning sensation of his burning smile. His lips were as bright red as the fire they held. His teeth, the brightest thing id ever seen. His torturous hands that would grip my shoulders when he held me. Id never thought id forget the way he…[Read more]