• I know how to make an entrance if I want to. I’ve never been the prettiest, but I know how to put on a show. I walk with confidence and that is why I am so beautiful. I’m not the type of girl whose face attracts […]

  • xxnann3rzxx commented on the post, bury 6 years, 10 months ago

    The bodies.

    There are so many.

    They are scattered everywhere. What have I done?

    The blood.
    My hands.

    I couldn’t have done this.

    I’m so calm.
    I’m smiling.

    What type of monster am I?
    Dig […]

  • Trevor….

    It’s funny how you don’t think you’ll ever be in a situation until you are in it.

    Like…being tied to a bed. That’s very interesting.


    It’s different…. exhilarating. […]