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    The chill of that Sunday night blew behind her ears; the flame in front held her hands and kept her warm. There were more people around the bin fires that night. Nomads with blank calendars and unwritten itineraries. She enjoyed this silent community where seldom words were spoken and pasts were left untouched.

  • His brow crinkled together like the folds on a bulldog. Even though it was Friday, his cheeks drooped to the floor and dragged his eyebags down. The others chuckled and clinked their sloshy drinks while he circled the rim of his glass with his index, as he had been for the past hour. Occasionally, a friendly-faced gentleman would come and pat him…[Read more]

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    All I want is you. Specifically you.

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    The morning light creeps in over the silken folds of the blanket and graces my toes with its touch – warm. I gaze out at the balcony where beating hearts and breaths used to mix. My hand sweeps over the space next to me where the light has not yet touched – cold.

  • Black scarab beetles raced over his bare toes in the abyss. At least, he imagined they’d be black – only the darkness gave colour.

  • Aeryios clutched her spear tighter, sprouting white claws from the tips of her fingers. The cityscape crumbled into the abyss below along with the howling of crushed souls. Kane placed his hand on her shoulder and slowly shook his head. His head was lowered but she couldn’t tear her eyes from the consequence of her actions.

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    She sat crumpled in the corner. The fading crone had a pale beak protruding from her face to the floor. Her eye bags were hidden behind circle glasses with bits of mould around the edges from the many attempts to clean it with stale breaths. Anna stood there unsure if she should feel pity or disgust. Instead, she recalled the memories of tea and…[Read more]

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    Her smokey breath hailed the yellowing autumn leaves as they glided to the stony sidewalk, only to be crushed under her Timberlands. The air hung hollow yet musty over Jane’s red, frayed hoodie which competed the leaves for its vibrancy. Her thick false lashes angled downwards as she smacked her naked lips around the pick in between her teeth. Her…[Read more]

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    My worth is in Jesus Christ, the Son of God and His chosen King, who was crucified and raised to life to buy me back from sin and eternal punishment.

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    “Oh, sorry.” The elderly man bent down to pick up her passport with a waft of musky cologne hanging around his neck.
    “Thanks,” she smiled courteously.
    As she walked away, his eyes followed, crinkled at the edges, and he started to move towards her.

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    The flames lick around her and glare at her untouched, innocent skin with insatiable lust. Ivory and untainted and made to be ravaged.

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    She kicked her boots up next to the china vase on the mahogany table while I bit my lip to shut me up.

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    The scraps and debris bask nonchalantly in the sultry summer wind off the slimy asphalt. The metal peels like stubborn, papery hangnails off wrinkly fingertips. Sometimes you would hear a clank and think it were some small creature, only to remember you were the only one left alive among the fire.

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    Down in the miry depth lay an array of jades with sunlight attacking it’s sheer nakedness. How that sunlight penetrated through that deep I cannot fathom, but remember that dust shifts in the wake of day.

  • She lay with the breeze kissing the apples of her cheeks and her thoughts floating above her. She had always been a child of dreams, even though no one could understand. Her hands would always be fiddling whenever she plunged herself into the deep, only to emerge in the starlit room of eternal vitality.

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    He trudged around the corner of the dilapidated building as raindrops burned into the creases of his forehead. There was a mission he had to follow but his direction was still vague.

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    The kettle spluttered with the same intensity as her ruby lips.
    “Don’t you dare question my loyalty to you, Mark.”
    “Claire, how do I trust someone who tells a different story than everyone else around her?”
    “Baby, you just have to trust me. Me. Nobody else; they’re all lying, I’m tellin’ ya.”
    Mark slowly shook his head, “I’m afraid it’s not…[Read more]

  • Mountains had been pressed into the sky, like it had been painted opaque by an innocent hand.

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    Each imprint sank into the mud, only to be engulfed once more by the sickening squelch that, like the unprecedented wave, collapsed within itself. It was a moment when tears were lost amongst rain.

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    A faint twitch at the corners of her lips like the sporadic jolt of a pigeon before death.
    “Honey, like this.” He trailed his fingers from the corners of her lips up to the uppermost of her cheekbone. “Now, again. 1… 2… 3!” Click.