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    He was almost here. She was almost about to… (almostalmostalmost) what? Become a mother? Even if she was going to give up this fetus she had been hosting for nine months now? How many months, weeks, hours had passed since she’d known she couldn’t – wouldn’t – keep him?
    She may be his mother, but she won’t be his parent, a loving mother…[Read more]

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    There’s all that sticky-sweet-sappy underneath. But how do I get it?
    You’re as wholesome as apple pie, I guess, as sweet and delicious. But I can’t get past the crust to the sweetness within. Nothing’ll work, will it?

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    She could feel the impatience radiating through the all the layers. “In a minute,” she called down, her voice winding down the curves of the staircase. She heard a muffled call, which she took as […]

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    If she could hear you now, if she could know, would you tell her?
    Would you tell her you find someone else? Yes, she said that she wanted you to continue your life and to be happy, but did she mean this?

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    Your face tells the stories you’ve lived, the stories you’ve concocted, the stories you’ve written. I read the lines, recalling the times I was beside you in your adventures, and I can’t help but smile. You’ve earned every bit of your face in all your years. This is the face you deserve, the face you’ve […]

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    There are things you say, things you do, things you think and buy and read and sing and write and appreciate, that a year ago you’d never, no. There are things you are thankful for that, the year before, you couldn’t imagine wanting nor needing. The centerpiece of the dinner table, an orchid, was something […]

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    One hand at my waist and another at my neck, you spin me ’round. So, so fast, I’m seeing circles. It seems I’ve no choice but to follow the subtle demands of your hands. My feet, my legs, my torso, my arms, my hands, my head, my heart obey.

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    You’ve got this fire- more of an ember, really, at this point- that burns inside you. Instead of warm yourself by it- you haven’t figured that out quite yet, I think- you burn everything good and stable in your life up, a forest being ravaged without a second thought until all that’s left is smoke […]

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    If you slouch like that, your back will stay that way. If you make that silly face, it’ll get stuck that way. Be careful of the words you think because they will become the words you speak and the actions you perform. But my question, then, is, if I love you like this why won’t […]

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    The museum was filled with relics, preserved from far off ruins. Without even a touch of her fingertips upon these ancient artifacts, she could feel the lives of those previously alive and now dead wafting about her. She could feel the way they must have lived. And what had caused their deaths, was it ordinary […]

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    The president stood before the microphone. He looked into the eye of the camera, knowing he was addressing the nation he led. With words he hadn’t prepared, actions he didn’t perform, he changed the course of the nation. Some cheered, some solemnly celebrated, and some mourned. One way or the other, that night would never […]

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    The stampede of horses neared and she couldn’t catch her breath. She could feel their hooves pounding the soft earth below but she couldn’t move. She could see their manes whipping back with the motion of their speed but she couldn’t go a thing. She couldn’t move, couldn’t scream nor speak, couldn’t breathe. They were […]

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    He’s got his head bent over an unknown book, a beanie pulled low, his legs crossed. He’s pressed into the corner of the seat, pressed against the icy glass of the window. The city flies past behind him but she’s caught, an insect in a well-constructed web, staring at him. This isn’t the first time […]

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    From across the room, behind her and just to the left, he can see that’s she not really studying, no. She’s got her small little notebook open inside her textbook. She’s sketching things, showing him the worlds inside her head, as he studies her not studying. He’d give anything to be able to stand up, […]

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    You’ve got that short little creamsicle dress on; your hair pulled back and braided; your make-up on, which you’ve made up your mind is mod thus cool. If you look closely, watch carefully, don’t blink, you can watch your smile spread across your face, lifting your cheeks and brightening your eyes. Your laughter bounces off […]

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    The rules were, you weren’t supposed to get too close and I wasn’t supposed to end up like this, heartbroken. The bench where we used to meet after our days, it’s littered with rotting apples and decaying leaves. I walk by at least once a week. I’d check it everyday, but sometimes, the fear that […]

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    You’ve got a flare, babe, a flare for the dramatic. You swing your arms around me, like I’ve been gone, across the world. I leave for a second, and you near tears. But I have one favorite little thing you do: the way your face lights up as I tell you the truth, that I […]

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    A flare. That’s what it was. That’s what you aimed at me. Or was it already in me, and you just lit the fuse, set me alight? You. I thought I knew me before but, here, now, with you near, I feel so right. As if I finally understand myself. Was it fire, passion, heat, […]

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    You shuffle your feet as I shuffle mine. I inch closer, seeking the warmth of your skin. We play as if we’ve never touched before. Then, suddenly, I can’t keep my hands off of you, can’t keep from crying, can’t keep from smiling.
    You’re just like before. Nothing’s changed.

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    Solitaire: the game for the solitary. But here they were, he watching as she dealt the cards. He watched, so intent on catching every single move she made. He bit back his tongue when he wanted to correct her because he knew it was much more important she just play. So she placed a red […]