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    For the first time, the farmer left the road behind him dirty but unchanged. He slowly made his way down the street, cars speeding around his girth. Some revved their engines in a show of frustration for having their stride broken. It roared: ‘you don’t belong here.’ Their tires squealing on the shining black asphalt.
    Last year, it was still…[Read more]

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    The soft brush ran over the thin enamel, so gentle she could hardly feel it. She pulled her lips taught and wide to avoid staining them. Her attendant, passed down from her mother, was trained and deft, unafraid of mistakes because she had learned better in her shaky youth. But it remained painstaking work, and art, and she almost felt bad for her…[Read more]

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    Her little fists were balled up, wrinkling his shirt, holding him in place. He was bigger and surely stronger than she, but it wasn’t her strength that kept him glued to the spot. It was the feel of her tears, soaking through th fabric, wetting through to his chest. The feeling of utter uselessness at he hesitantly patted her head, slowly sinking…[Read more]

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    Their eyes were shifting around the room nervously, skittering around him. As they thought of the consequences of their coming words, all the while knowing they wouldn’t stop them, he had already figured it all out. He knew what came next. Denying anything would any dig them in more. Shifting the blame to the true culprit would be no less…[Read more]

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    How many times had he washed the same dishes? Some with the majority of the food left, all dumped into the some soddy water, chunks of filet mignon and string beans tangling in his fingers like seaweed every time his fingers dipped below the murky surface. He so wanted to clean the finished dishes one, twice, three more times, until the water…[Read more]

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    Still bright-red circles spattered across the classifieds, but now its digital, a photo of a chance in a paper. One by one, the strike-through font dulls the circles the color of firetrucks, help becoming scarce as the fire grows malignant. It’s not enough, it’s not enough, not even asking for much. The circles entrap less interesting prey as time…[Read more]

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    He enters the room, little snowflakes gently making their way from the crown of his head down, never settling. An eternity and this was his favorite part, seeing them for the first time. He always showed up early to see them while they at peace. He takes a bit of that too, for himself, before claiming it all.
    The house groans and pops in its…[Read more]

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    As the world speeds up, all the life slows down- the cells, dividing as always,
    mechanic in their organics,
    at the same pace since the first split in the universe,
    but in the last word of the tome of existence,
    the fires were lit,
    burning the oil and firing the pistons,
    fighting disease and making revisions,
    and the cells, ripping…[Read more]

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    The towering neck eccentuated by thin strands of mustache reaching below, lazily curling up at its end. A voice deep, soft, only occasionally trailing off with a gravelly hum. Weight against your shoulder, a comforting closeness, even with your eyes shut he speaks, and the sweet tone of his voice, the one only for you,
    is all the reassurance you need.

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    The trees blurred into one swampy sickly-green outside the window, as bangs stretching from above a pair of downcast eyes bounced loosely with every jostle from the train, travelling up a defeated spine. The handles above moved in sync, but the eyes only saw the rims of shoes, a smudge, some curled-up wrappers, a couple of dead bugs. There, the…[Read more]

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    Black on white
    typewriter type
    a list too long,
    to short,
    Goldilocks right–
    a smile, shake of hands,
    no indication where you stand
    til the phone rings, or the weeks go by
    but what you’ll never know
    is why

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    Surprising to see clocks still exist– why? for what purpose?
    The air chills and the sun sinks–why does it rise?
    The dark is no longer permission to quietly leave,
    it just makes the day longer by including the night.
    The dandelions cower and close,
    they are sleeping in an icy blanket
    by the time I get home.

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    The couch was still dimpled,
    one beloved spot.
    Out on the street corner,
    molding with rot.

    Sole severe wooden post,
    A sign, fresh paint smell.
    Vintage wooden floor,
    stories left to tell.

    Somewhere nearby,
    on the unforgiving street,
    the forgotten tenant,
    neighbor you used to greet.

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    The desks were bare in eerie silence. She sat in poster-perfect posture, hands gently overlapped on the light-brown surface. She felt as still as the air. Is this what desperate powerlessness feels like?
    She was screaming, clawing, and yet it was a smaller her, inside, banging against her flesh like walls.
    That must be my soul, she thought.…[Read more]

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    An electricity though the veins
    In dark liquid, languid days,
    Force me awake, I need you, here
    What I want so ever clear
    To sleep, to fade, yet I reach for you still
    Like a saint come to change my wicked will
    The battle, the war, the foundations quake
    Cracked open skin, jitters and shakes
    And the teeth, they brown, a visible…[Read more]

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    If you can touch your knees, you can touch your toes. If you can touch your toes then you can touch nose to your legs. If you can touch your nose to your legs than you can kick up to your ears… constructing a new layer to the same rule, pushing it forward, always somewhere new and difficult to go–there’s no breaks here amongst soft pink silk…[Read more]

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    I expected it to be musty and stained—with a flickering yellow light and peeling gaudy wallpaper. But it was new, bright with cheap LEDs, cheap Ikea nightstands, and a blank-slate emptiness. Sterile. With a single suitcase in the corner, I would have preferred a room of cramped history.

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    A knock on the door—
    I know what is here for.
    I watch it rattle and shake
    And convince myself its fake—
    Like a bump in the night
    I whisper on, “it’s alright,”
    Curled tight under a quilt,
    Alone with my guilt–
    And the night that bumps,
    Like the door with a knock
    I feel my spine as it jumps
    Though the door is well locked
    After d…[Read more]

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    The grating flick of teeth cutting through nail, ripping off in layers. A paper-thin layer of a nail left, little white tuft, its edges quickly receding into skin; too small for the teeth to get ahold of. The nailbed uneven from repeated assaults, a mined battlefield. Blood seeps and dries on the ruined landscape, dyeing it in pain, trembling like…[Read more]

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    Dark speckles had begun to embellish the back of his hand, each a trophy of stupid courage for all the times he had refused to put on sunscreen. His skin was already losing its elasticity—he didn’t even have kids yet.
    The ground beneath his boots slid with each step just a little from the morning shower. The sharp afternoon sunlight did…[Read more]