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    She wouldn’t look at me and she kept humming that damn lullaby, her greasy hair sticking to her cheek. She jerked her head and her hair covered her face like a shiny curtain. She picked at her toenail, jabbed her thumb into the corner of her big toe, made it bleed. I sat in the […]

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    He taught me to always know my exit before conning someone, but don’t let them see your eye on the door. He taught me a lot… so why was I the one in the cell, while he drove south with my money? Oh, this wasn’t over. Far from it.

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    It was almost too much, entering that house again, the ceiling lined with bones like a ribcage. She must polish them to make them shine so. The young man stepped closer to the light of her fire, a musty low pit in the center of the dirt floor. She gazed at him from behind her […]

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    His eyes were tearing up from the hours spent staring at the buzzing screen. He rubbed at them, and then scowled when the console fritzed. Slapping a hand on the side of the screen, he prayed that he’d get the signal back. He heard the screeching start up outside his bunker. He didn’t let his […]

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    The mother didn’t trust her eyes as she watched the florescent wisp of light lure her daughter to the edge of the garden. There was a hole in the fence the mother had never noticed before. The daughter’s blond hair disappeared into the hole, after the flitting light. The mother dropped her dish towel, hands […]

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    “Why do you bother washing this damn thing?” My neighbor from two lots down stared with his cigarette shot eyes at me as I blasted the side of my home with a hose. “Why not?” I retorted, not wanting an answer. He flicked a butt into my garden, a meager but beautiful strip of dirt […]

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    Strumming away, he heard the curious tones of an answering hum. Blue eyes met brown across the empty cafe, the one his uncle owned and that he liked to hide in after hours. The other boy smiled, sweetly, mischievously. He put his guitar down and went to greet this stranger, whose smile was so inviting, […]

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    He had two friends: Mr. Probation Officer and Lt. Whiskey. Mr. PO ordered him around far more than the Lt. And yet he always felt it was his duty to listen when the Lt. made his meager demands of him. 12 bucks at the gas station and 30 minutes in the bathroom were fair trade […]

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    I can’t do anything but watch as my mother dissolves into the bedsheets, hair tangled up in liquor bottles, shiny bottle caps dangling from her ears, ripped up doctor appointment cards serving as ash trays. My mother isn’t loud or screaming or hysterical or frantic or condemning or present at all really. She’s simply fading […]

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    The mutt’s leg is caught in a trap, twisted, bloody. He snarls and snaps. The hunter doesn’t know how to help, especially with his kid off aways behind a tree. He sighs. Contemplates. A blow to knock him out? Too risky, getting close to those teeth. A shot to put him out of his misery? […]

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    Six hours and three tries later, he gave the damn thing up. Surrounded by oddly attached faux wood slabs, too few screws (some had rolled away from his raging to cower under the couch), and pages and pages of useless Spanish, he put his head in his hands. Finally, he got up and shoved everything […]

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    In school, the teachers always said that he was the most determined kid they’d seen. Even though 9 times out of 10 he’d fail, the next day would see him in the library, studying like mad, going between the stacks sporadically to fetch more books. When he graduated with a 2.5, and walked from the […]

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    One hand on the steering wheel, gripping it tight, an almost empty cigarette pack resting above his heart in his coat pocket, his eyes staring at the garage door through the windshield, her hand brushing his shoulder, afraid to grip it, wanting to pull him through the driver’s side window, bang his knees a little, […]

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    He had the madness to swallow the sun and the strength to hold back the night. Arching his back, he howled, consumed. The hush of leaves, the milk of the moon, the fall of the owl’s wing across his changing face. The beating hearts of all smaller creatures. Nature’s embrace.

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    Her teeth scraped against the slowly fraying rope. The taste of pennies coating her bruised tongue was now being mixed with the moldy dusty length binding her hands. She couldn’t hear anything over the pounding of her heartbeat, washing the sound of the thunderstorm outside away and turning the few seconds she had into centuries. […]

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    The wind tore the map from his hand out his opened car window, the map with the circled tourist traps and red highlighted routes. “Dammit,” he sighed. He clicked on his GPS, hoping the AC adapter was charging properly. The device chirped, raising his hopes, and then bleeped a small death. “Fuc-“ he dropped his […]

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    “Relax, spiral down, dodge the black hole, hit the hyper drive, don’t forget your towel. All good names for a band. Ya know, if I had one to name.” She scratched her head, blank face made up so glamorous. He gave her a suffering look, eyebrow quirked. He placed the album, a galaxy splashed across […]

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    He ran his hand over the leather, supple and worn, smelling of sweat and Montana sky and his father. Smelling of the ranch, 60 hands and 30 horses, 100 head or so of cattle he was to inherit. The mountains were his to behold, the cattle (human and bovine all) his to command, the vast […]

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    The porpoise spent his whole life in the sea. Each day, his nose pressed right up against the break wall near the town he wished he could walk in. Why, oh why, he thought, had that sea witch ignored his appointment? He was supposed to be living a better life than one muffled under the […]

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    Trusted is the ring binding two lives together. The push of a stroller down the street, weaving in and out of traffic, listening to gurgles and whispering sweet nothings in response. Trusted is sweet nothings in your lover’s ear, as she lies asleep beside you, in the curve of blankets, in the embrace of your […]