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    it is natural and only natural that this would be the response. The gates close, the silence a humming echo. I had hoped for another answer, but I had known all along that that would be impossible.

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    Sounds echo in my ears, exploding and attacking and burning. Burning, burning, burning. It’s painful almost, but it feels good at the same time. It’s like standing in a fire, but you can’t burn.

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    His jacket matches his eyes, blue and soft, and scratchy all the same time. My fingers work themselves across the back, over the arm, around the wrist, around and around and around. I lean back, letting the soft scent engulf me, falling into a wonderful sleep.

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    His voice falters when we lock eyes. “I’m sorry, that’s not what I meant,” he lies. “You know damn well that that’s what you meant,” He pauses, surprised at my outburst.

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    Please? She passes me the paper, empty spaces with answers she doesn’t know. I can’t do it. My transcript is perfect. I can’t ruin it. Her eyes are so big that all of me shatters when she asks again. Please? But I won’t do it. Never will.

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    His face is flushed and bright. My eyes watch the sparkle in his eyes as he throws back his head and laughs. His body shakes with laughter, his hands alive, his body dancing. All of him, every tiny bit, is happy.

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    She looks back, regretting the action as she does it. The long wave of indents in the sand, following her. They can’t be following her, they are her own. She is swept under a wave of confusion. Confused about the footprints in the sand.

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    Her eyes were big as they took in the life surrounding her. They shifted side to side, observing, dreaming, seeing. The sounds were lost to her, but she felt the world. It was time, and she was ready.

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    The door slammed causing the little girl to shake. She knew what would come next: voices, loud and angry, loud and hurt, loud, loud, loud. “They’re just words” her brain told her as she buried herself under the blankets. “Yeah,” she told herself “Words are the most dangerous weapon known to humanity”

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    Her eyes are liquid mirrors. I can see the way they show me her soul, her life, her lies. I wan’t to believe that this is the last time that she will give me a fake, made-up non heartfelt apology. But it won’t be, I can feel it.

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    Her eyes move back and forth slowly, her hands resting on the chair arms. She’s tired, I can see it in the tilt of her chin, the curve of her back.

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    My heart is pounding. I swear my legs are two seconds away from collapsing. No, it’s not an earthquake. It’s him. By “him” I mean, a man that captures all that is happy with his eyes

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    I shook my head no, apologizing as I did.
    “No, I don’t want, I don’t need, I’m sorry”
    But your eyes were caverns of ice, digging past my flimsy apologies, freezing my lies.

  • “I can’t compensate for your mistakes,” I sigh, as she pleads me to lie for her. Why doesn’t she see that I can’t. It’s too hard. She starts to cry and, although I knew this would happen I nod. “I’ll do it, fine, but just this last time,”

  • She took her sister’s hand, knowing the small damage wouldn’t compensate the broken trail ahead. Her sister squeezed back, unaware. A guilty feeling nabbed at her, but she buried it, to be discovered another day.

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    The leaves rustle beneath my feet, and the air stings my cheeks. My heart is going from frantic pounding to a lulling pattern. The sky is green from the canopy of trees that loom high over my head.

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    I paused at the door. My breath was slow, almost as if every bone in my body was impressed. The art reached the ceiling, craning towards the sky. There were hundreds of paintings, huge; floor to ceiling paintings, and little, tiny wallet sized sketches.

  • “Hey, you up for tonight?” He asked flopping onto the floor, next to his brother.
    “Yeah, hey dude what’s up with you and Jess?” His brother wondered knowing that only a real brother would learn the answer.

  • She means the world to me. My little sister. My older sister. There is a connection, a power between us that I’ll never feel for anyone else. I would do anything for them and they would do anything for me. There’s nothing that can stand between us.

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    I glance around at the barren landscape. They say life is full of surprises. It is. I surprise myself by smiling. Because, I know that I can get hope and happiness of the land. I know it.