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    Strong. The waver but do not fall easily. I feel the opposite sometimes. Green is a nice color.

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    cheeky little ball of rubbish :) Ohh i’m British now!

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    The feelings were there…but they made themselves indistinct. They hid from my true eyes, leaving nothing by coat tails showing to leave me wondering.

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    The moon was beautiful. It rose higher and higher. I thought it was lovely. But I knew for him, it was a shackle. In those few seconds alone suddenly all I wanted was for him to see its beauty too.

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    I felt overjoyed many a time waking up from a bad dream and realizing it was nothing more then exactly that, a bad dream. Its mixed with relief I suppose to.

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    like a stone corridor till its suddenly alive with the afternoon sun. its white walls painted yellow and orange; a light filled tunnel into something less bleak.

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    Misty like summer heat after a rain. Her eyes scanned the field. Searching. through that mist she saw only students milling about. But she did not feel alone. Just curious. It was not a lonely mist.

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    The wind was rustling the leaves on my way to school. The sky was cloudy but the shown shown its face ever now and then…

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    To under stand. What is being understood anyway? How can we really be understood? IS the level at which we understand is determined by personal experience or sympathy?

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    under the sea. or under the weather. Buried under a lot of things. keeping things buried inside? finding things under your bed you forgot about.

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    Out of the sky. Like a bird only wingless and much heavier…well then you wouldn’t be like a bird at all. Only falling. fallen. The ground is not very forgiving. Not even to birds.

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    spongebob! information sponge of my brain. taking it. my arm is asleep. its almost two. sponge soft like my bed, which i need to go sleep in.

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    Run away and break free. forever lost. Escaping things that are bad? For a word I hear quite a bit I really dont have much to say about. I find myself not saying I would like top escape but instead drawing a blank… this is odd so I think I shall escape from this thought!

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    Crosses to bare. cross the street! Lines to cross. Its not a very pretty word in my opinion. But it holds much meaning especially for Christians like me.

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    Pretty painted. Rooms. Decorated face. Decorated faces. Anything can be decorated really. Are we decorated too? Yes. I think everyone is. we dress our selves up and in that way, we decorate.

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    Far. close. to my face. A pretty word I think, romantic and chill. i like this word. but I like it more when someone is near.