• Tobi. commented on the post, cutlery 5 years, 1 month ago

    I eat rice with a spoon.
    Apparently that makes me greedy.
    It’s true.
    I don’t like sharing food.
    I don’t like sharing most things.
    I want to share myself.
    I want to share my thoughts and my feelings but

    Why should anyone listen?

  • Tobi. commented on the post, shown 6 years, 11 months ago

    You see what I have been chosen not to see.
    And I am glad.
    I see with my mind, what you cannot.
    And I see with my heart, what you cannot.
    If you were shown the world through my eyes, you’d love it too.
    Said […]

  • Tobi. commented on the post, alive 7 years ago

    The highs,
    The highest highs,
    Flying, soaring,
    Inhaling wisdom,
    Exhaling failure,
    The pick-me-ups,
    Live in the moment,
    The laughs,
    The smiles,
    The pain,
    The heartache,
    The […]

  • Tobi. commented on the post, binding 7 years ago

    I immediately thought of Chinese Cinderella, and her great grandmother’s bound feet. Bound with bandages from an early age to stop her feet growing. She was never fully developed. Reminds me of myself in a way. […]

  • Tobi. commented on the post, flex 7 years ago

    I love it when you flex like that.
    Slow, fast up, down, bring it back.
    The bass booms through my toes and dances through my feet.
    Feeling Dizzee, intoxicated from the sound of old-school grime.
    The Rascal’s […]

  • Tobi. commented on the post, stillness 7 years ago

    Beautiful. A single tear drop, pin drop, noise stops. The Earth’s rotation at a standstill, The Blue pill. This is a place of dreams. Reality doesn’t live here anymore.

    You’re welcome to join us.

  • Tobi. commented on the post, whether 7 years ago

    Whether what?
    Whether if I…
    Where I like it or not…
    Whether I this, whether I that.
    What’s there to say?
    Why must I always justify myself?
    Can’t I just do things… just

  • Tobi. commented on the post, sustain 7 years ago

    Sustained by you,
    Sustained by them,
    Sustained by Him.
    By prayer,
    By your words,
    By their faith in me.
    Pack me a lunch-box filled with knowledge to fill my hunger for wisdom.
    Sustain me with all these things.

  • Tobi. commented on the post, miracle 7 years ago

    Do I believe in miracles?
    I’m not sure if I do.
    A bundle of impossibilities, making itself known to the human eye.
    It doesn’t seem right.
    But anything’s possible.
    And we’ve been taught to expected the […]