• The man with the top hat smiled, a glimmer in his eye as he glanced over the chaos he had wrought. With a flick of his gloved hand, he conjured an image of the girl. The savior. “Behold. She is coming.” He whispered as he set off the fireworks that were to be seen throughout London skies. The insurrectionist was dead.

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    “Help, I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody…” Mira sang along to the radio, warbling as loud as her sore vocal chords would let her. To her, the fact that she was tone deaf didn’t really matter– she was […]

  • Fear was like a curtain around her small bones, wrapping her in comfort like a blanket. Strange, that such a harsh emotion should come to be her most faithful companion, her dearest friend. Often, her only […]

  • “It’s just a trial. Just a simple trial.”
    “There’s no way I can win. You know that. You’ve sent me down a death spiral.”
    “A death spiral? Look at you– talking like the royals already. Metaphors. Bah.”
    “Just […]

  • and the music fills my ears, resonating deep within my soul. i can’t escape the chords of melancholy nor the plucks of happiness. but often the deeper nest is left, the fear, the darker hollow sounds. i won’t be safe from emptiness.

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    “Your ego is as big as hell.”
    “Let’s hope you’re not claustrophobic.” I smirked. He knew I had him.
    “Man. Wh-”
    “Woman. Don’t be sexist.”

  • As the honey-smell wafted up her nostrils, she inhaled deeply, the pleasing whiff sending heady chills down her spine. Ah, but that is so cliche, no? The pleasing scent filled her with ecstatic contentment.

  • It made a clicking sound as she twisted the silver thing around the bolt. “I’ve never been a handyman,” she sighed. His hands enveloped hers and he sat there, close to her, his torso against her back, and he smiled. “You just…” he shrugged, “it doesn’t even matter.” Laughing, she turned to face him. “You’re […]

  • “Our book!”
    “What about the book?”
    “Someone wants to publish it!! We’re going to have it printed!”
    “We’re going to be famous!”

  • “Sir! They’re in!” Jeremiah Huntz scrambled from the bottom of the stairs to the well-lit office aria. Frazzled, the boy had had zoomed up the stairs in a frenzy. “Sir!”

  • relatively speaking, of course, they can be both wacky and good, bad and normal. you don’t choose them; but you have the option of becoming great friends with them anyway. bleh. this writing is not my best at all…yay family?

  • i was stuck there, in the dank, murky room. a prisoner of my own mind. everything was closing in around me. then a light switched on and i headed up the stairs. upstairs, the light was clear. i knew what i was doing. i was free.

  • “I just need a rocket; Pigfarts is on mars!” Watch me, suckers, I’m headed for the stars. Maybe I’m not Malfoy, maybe I’m just me- But there among my fantasies, maybe I’ll be free! I’m waiting for the chance to fly, free and up above, Let’s head on into space, dear, this dream we’re gonna […]

  • the equation has been clinched; the numbers we now know, but you, i cannot figure out- i have nowhere to go. i’ve liked you for so long now, i cannot count the days, i’ve liked you for eternity; here, shall i count the ways? get out of my head, you bastard, you lovely, lovely boy. […]

  • fire filled the heavens, heat raised up from the floor, twisting, turning, a fiery burning. choking, the smoke filled her nostrils.