• Annie commented on the post, cake 5 years ago

    It was a piece of cake. That’s what we all want to say, isn’t it? Every little thing we do has been wanted, easy, and worth it too. But that isn’t life. Life is much harder than that. Life is real.

  • Annie commented on the post, bleeding 6 years, 3 months ago

    It was a pain that felt as if she were bleeding from every vessel in her body. like knifes had slashed her and everything was pouring out. she’d never felt this way before. she was queen bee she didnt care what people thought of what she did. But now he’d killed himself because of it, and she felt the pain.

  • Annie commented on the post, sound 6 years, 5 months ago

    The sound of the waves has always relaxed her, soothed her. It reminds her of the sunny north carolina town on the water where she grew up. And now, even as she sits on the beach half way across the world in Australia, she stills feels like she’s at home.

  • Annie commented on the post, sweep 6 years, 5 months ago

    She sweeps the room carefully. She needs to get every speck of dust so he won’t force her to do it again. Her story is a cinderella kind of story. Poor girl who sweeps all day. The thing is though, her husband is no prince charming.

  • Annie commented on the post, compass 6 years, 5 months ago

    He wishes his internal compass could point north. That he could be one of those guys who’s a straight shooter. A good guy all around. But for some reason the compass is always pointing more so North-west. He just hasn’t quite gotten there yet.

  • Annie commented on the post, politician 6 years, 5 months ago

    He wasn’t one of those sleezy politicians you hear about in the news. the kind that cheat on their wives at the tip of the hat. He was a genuinly good guy, he wanted to be in office to help the town

  • Annie commented on the post, bandages 6 years, 11 months ago

    the bandages covered her arms. Each the same placid dull beige-white color that could only remind her of hospitals. But they were a better appereance then what was beneath them. The purple, blue, and green […]

  • Annie commented on the post, jelly 7 years ago

    She spread the jelly across her bread. “Can you hurry uuuuuppp????” a pestering toddler cried at her knees. “Just a sec,” she said and spread the peanut butter on the other slice then slapped the two together. The […]

  • Annie commented on the post, treaty 7 years ago

    They signed the treaty quickly. the quill spent meer seconds on the paper, one swift movement from the two and it was done. Neither side wanted to fight anymore. Or at least thats how they made it seem. In each of […]

  • Annie commented on the post, emptying 7 years ago

    It was an emptying feeling she felt at that very moment. Nothing really mattered anymore did it? He was gone and that was that. She wish sh could feel even any type of remorse, but all she felt was emptyness. who […]

  • Annie commented on the post, cap 7 years ago

    The boy tipped his cap to the doorman “Hello, sir” he said with a grin. The doorman stared at him crossly with a frown plastered across his face. “what are you up to this time?” he said crankily. “Oh, nothing of […]