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    The thought was there. Lurking, swimming inside her skull like a haunted spirit. This was her fault. She would be blamed. She had disobeyed. Worse yet, she had disappointed. How would she cope? How would she make him understand, forgive, forget?

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    We could hear them closing in on all sides. Although there was no sight of them yet, you could sense the ominous events that were about to take place. A lone howl from the right, a low growl from the left, rustling behind us, snarls in front. We were helplessly cornered. We were going to […]

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    Her hair was a mess, the clothes she wore ragged and filthy. The sight of her made most people ill. But I knew her differently. I knew the kind of person she was, her personality, almost her soul. She was good and gentle. She was pure and sweet. Her inward beauty needed sadly disguised from […]

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    I like violent movies. My entry today is pretty weak, it’s still early and I’m not really in the mood to write.

  • Her voice is shrill, unbearably loud. It’s almost like hearing a tea kettle through a megaphone. It would be tolerable if she had something important to say. Or at least something intelligent. But this, sadly, isn’t the case.

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    His stupid jokes, his constant picking on me. The way his eyes lit up when he saw me, his crooked but genuine smile. All of these things made me lust for him. Although his body was delicious, just his essence drove me wild.

  • I would never have predicted that this word would stump me quite as much as it has today.

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    He turned then and walked to his car. As he pulled out of the driveway, one word rang clear in her head. He was a thief. He had taken from her everything she held dear. Her love, her cunning, her trust. And yet she couldn’t help but look after him, taillights disappearing into the darkness, […]

  • She had never been hogtied before. Bound, hand and foot, behind her back. She tried to gaze around the room, but it was too dark, the candles lit sporadically around didn’t shed enough light. She could hear him behind her, somewhere, gathering supplies to torture and pleasure her. She tried, vainly, to struggle against her […]

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    I had a mole removed once, it was pretty gnarly. This doesn’t seem like a very good word… I guess I could go the route of talking about a “mole” within an agency, someone who gets word “underground”. But no, I’ll stick with the gross mole I had removed. Eww.

  • It wasn’t right. A fit of rage was about to overtake him. He wanted to hit her, tempted to strangle her and leave her lying on the bed. But he couldn’t. The urge was strong but he turned away. The cheating whore, she would regret betraying him. But not yet, not yet.

  • Ally’s eyes widened as she watched the young girl step into view. She was gorgeous. Her eyes were painted dark with luxurious purple makeup. Her hair was dark, almost black, and it was very long. The girl had it pulled back into a loose ponytail, high on her head. She was almost totally nude, save […]