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    She didn’t like to eat lunch here, but most of the time she had no choice.

    Secluded in the privacy of the forgotten closet, she unwrapped her sandwich and began to eat.

    “Maybe one day I can brave the lunch room but not day “

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    It was a city of lights, but not the natural kind. It was full of neon signs, signs that peered at you while you tried to get on with your business.
    It was a cold and sterile city, one that no one would be proud to call home.
    It was the capital and it was where she had business today.

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    Ab day means working out the upper abs the lower abs, and the obliques. An easy day for him, seeing as how some of his training sessions could easily run over 4 hours.

    Being an “idol” wasn’t easy but this part was almost bearable. At least no one would hit him here for messing up a dance step.

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    When she first delved into the world of these so-called idols, she was skeptical.

    “Why do they get to parade around in a haze of good food and drink while the rest of us get to sit here and watch them do nothing?”

    Of course her thoughts changed over time, but in the beginning, her heart was truly filled with hate for these privileged children.

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    All I can think of is something like an std.

    Physical passion leading to unfortunate consequences.

    Leaning too close to the sun and burning your wings off.

    Those sorts of myths where too much of a good thing will lead to your downfall.

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    I think my credibility has gone down a bit over the past year. With me losing my friends, my family and now my home, I’m not sure why anyone would listen to what I have to say.
    But I’ll keep talking. Because one day, someone is going to be in that same situation and see how I pulled myself out of it.


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    Why does paper dissolve so easily when it meets water? Is this just a larger indication of how one’s words can be defeated by the ebb and flow of the mind’s thoughts?

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    A simple pastime that was tainted by a distant memory. It isn’t fair. Why can’t I enjoy bowling like all of my friends? I can’t even step foot inside a bowling alley without being assaulted with vague feelings of regret and anger.

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    Victory, but at what cost? To surrender looking for an interesting job for fear of never working again or continuing to search for that one perfect thing but with less money? Something will be sacrificed.

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    A plague befalls the common man. A plague that makes one think that they are utterly worthless and leaves them to languish in their self hate. The only cure is positivity and good thoughts.

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    Destruction and death follow its path. Yet somehow, with our Hollywood obsessed culture, we have come to see a tornado as a sort of rebirth. A tool that will whisk us away from our boring greyscale life to a wonderful technicolor world.

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    Warning signs are everywhere.

    I choose to ignore them because I felt like I was above it and that I could somehow break free.

    Of course, I was wrong.

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    I can only think of my own pain right now. The physical pain that I’m bearing right now as a result of my own womanhood and the emotional pain that weighs heavy on me right now. So I supposed if anyone looks at me right now, they wouldn’t see a pained expression but a carefully blank one.

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    Coming back to something you left in shambles is always rough. How do you even begin to fix your mouth to spit out the long overdue apologies and excuses? With a sigh and a knock, you hope that the the road to reconciliation will be a short and merciful one.

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    Signals are important to our everyday life.

    Red for stop, green for go.

    How are we supposed to function without them?

    Are we supposed to just trust our instincts and hope that everything works out for the best?

    Maybe a world with no signals wouldn’t be so different.

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    I think everyone is a weakling at one point. It’s just the matter of what do we think of our weakness. One can be weak to drugs, money or even pure things such as love. Is it a bad thing? Probably not.

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    It’s as if someone was trying to reach through to me, trying to knock some sense back into my brain. Of course, I was always hardheaded and wouldn’t be so easily persuaded.

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    As young girls we were always taught not to be afraid of blood or anything else that came out of our bodies. How can we recoil at the thought of something we would hopefully see every month? Of course, this was just a precursor to the toughening up of women as a whole.

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    When I first realized my feelings for you, I was startled out of the normalcy of my life. This was so new and unexpected, I knew that I would be forever a changed woman.

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    “Embellishing a resume isn’t that bad right?” I asked while typing away on my word processor.

    “Well it depends, are you applying to be a brain surgeon when you’ve only done fries at Mcdonalds?”

    “Something like that…”