• I will hold it over her always

    Even when my arms shake
    Even when the earth quakes
    Even when my heart breaks

    I will hold it over her

    Even when she seems okay
    Even when she’s lost her way
    Even when I’m old and grey

    I will hold it over her forever

  • He held fast as days went by
    He would not let her in
    Though she pleaded, though she cried
    He’d never let her win

    As time swept past and love took hold
    His arms began to tire
    Did he dare to bare his soul?
    Give in to her desire?

    A trust had formed and with regret
    He dropped his precious wall
    The sweet relief, he’d not forget
    Of giv…[Read more]

  • Beneath one simple word lies the power to change perceptions.
    Perceptions changed by simple words leave the world rife with judgement.
    A world rife with judgement is no place to live.