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    They hold their chin up high like a lion, prideful and upright. This kid feels as if they are on top of the world. They are an unstoppable force of tiny fists and a fury that could start wars and fires. It was up to me to knock them off their pedestal.

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    She grates her fingers against her lover’s skin and tugs against the belt loops of her jeans. Jaimine looks up in surprise to her girlfriend’s pleading expression, her fingertips brushing underneath sensitive areas. She bites her lip as her careful nails dig slightly into reddening skin and she sighs into a mouth that is not her own, but she wants…[Read more]

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    He looked across the water and smiled at his blushing feet, chuckling slightly. It was really all over now. He could finally rest. He could finally sleep. The boy with stars behind his eyelids looked out through the lake and knew he’d never go back to that house of terror. He was free.

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    Her chest clenches up tight tight far too tight with the wings trapped inside her ribs like a cage. She wants to be free and she wants to get away and she can’t stay. She KNOWS she can’t stay and yet her feet are planted so firmly. Her shoes can’t help her now.