• The child pressed the weapon’s muzzle against the naked skin of his father’s head, against the ink-black Celtic cross with its overlaid skull. The man never moved, never heard the awful crack that had kicked his son to the floor, the son a patchwork of hate stitched together over a short ten years of cruelty, as if the father had willed himself…[Read more]

  • The window, through a slight waver of glass, framed an oriole quiet on its back, all sunlight on that February morning focused into one lemon yellow drop.

  • Philip Whitley commented on the post, flat 6 years, 7 months ago

    the earth is flat and round like a salad plate and green. we spin and spin without dressing longing for a taste of spring or dessert in the middle of winter or on a desert island in the middle of all that sargassum–is it edible?