• Finding the multiples after one limb gets cut off, another grows back. Wading and walking amongst the starfish, seeing their unique five points, each one playing a role in a beach tapestry as you wonder which ones get thrown back and which remain to dry and preserve, like sand frozen in star shapes along the shore.

  • My psyche was starving for a connection to purpose and all the glorious things living life fully has to offer. A mouth-watering sensation lingering when your path is unknown.

  • Eyeliner brings you to your best self if you know how to apply it and take the time to really indulge in gazing at your own eyes, understanding their depths and seeing your true self, accepting all that you are and all that you will become.

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    Shoes. At times a delight to look at- shiny satin, rhinestones, skinny high heels that make the legs look more shapely. I just spend a good 20 minutes gazing a wedding shoes, all different styles. Fashionable and fun as they may be, though, the best part of the day is always that moment when you take them off. Ahhh. Relief. No matter the shoe-…[Read more]

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    This word reminds me of a short story I write about a day at the beach. One of my mother’s friends read it and commented that it was very sensuous. I guess even at a young age living through my sense was so very important to me. And I was more sensuous than I ever would have known.

  • That’s the anthem, get your damn hands up. I don’t even think I like that song. It’s totally not “me” at all. But that’s what comes to mind when I see this word. Nothing patriotic. I don’t think I like anthems. Too “rah rah” for me and I’m not a Katy Perry rah rah kind of woman. What else can I say? What a word to be the first that I had to write about.