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    Tea. Earl grey. Hot.

  • It’s always so tempting to wallow in negative thoughts. Need more positivity.

  • Does anyone else have friends who refer to their significant others as “the boyfriend” or “the wife”? I’ve always thought that was a little odd. My high school English teacher used to do that. He eventually got divorced. Go figure.

  • What makes a bachelor “eligible”? Doesn’t “bachelor” already provide enough information?

  • Sometimes you soar. Sometimes you crash.

  • I’ve vaguely wondered what it’d be like to be a personal trainer. Helping people achieve their best both physically and, in some ways, mentally seems like it could be rewarding work. Still, it must be difficult, always being upbeat and motivational.

  • I must be a serious nerd. My first thought related to “cocoon” was Pokemon. You know, how the bug Pokemon had an intermediate evolution before turning into something actually useful? Metapod and Kakuna. Haha, those were the days.

  • Everyone always has a pressing need. Have to get this done. Have to be at this place. Have to see this person. Have to, have to, have to. I feel like more people want to slow down, but they can’t admit it because they can’t afford to fall behind.