• A piece of summer he did request.
    Should I give him my best?
    Or faux fancy fluff, like the rest?
    He and I have only just met.
    I don’t know if we have My Caution’s blessing.
    I promised I would be no longer be any man’s play thing.
    But this gentle one is not interested in messing around.
    He would rather take me out than to the sheets…[Read more]

  • I hear that
    ‘Failing to plan
    is planning to fail’.
    But I did not plan to
    or bond with my boss
    love my roommate
    or my ex fiance.
    Nor did any forethought
    occur before exploring
    the soup kitchen and casino
    the hospital and the ghetto
    or the skatepark and the church.
    What is planning worth?

  • You and I were built to meld
    and function together well.
    If only you had given me the chance
    to hold your heart in my tender hands-
    we would have created the perfect machine.
    But common sense is foreign,
    you don’t know what I mean.

  • One thousand more days, more one thousand dollars.
    Another dark night, another hard caller.
    Giving it up. Laying it down.
    Your body and soul
    entertaining the town.
    If only the anthem did not sing for money.
    Perhaps then your insides would not be so bloody.
    But that was then, and now you want to know
    how much you can take, how far you can…[Read more]

  • Of all your
    marketable talents
    sharp skills
    and rare gifts
    you decide your soul
    is the part
    to to give?
    Have you yet fathomed
    the price paid
    for that soul?

  • Entertaining angels
    and often demons.
    Both wait to strike
    different arteries
    of the heart.
    How will you defend
    your spirit?
    Are you training? Are you strong?
    Are you waiting for someone to come along
    to save you?
    No one will arrive
    unless you open the door.
    He’s knocking.
    What do you have to lose?
    Just your life.

  • To all angles of the earth you are called.
    Can you hear it?
    The voice is calm and quiet.
    If only it would speak louder than a whisper.
    Are your ears tuned in to the fervent frequency?
    The divine demands are deterring.
    This quest is quite crazy.
    No man could ever reach these heavenly standards.
    Especially not you.
    Thank God you don’t…[Read more]

  • He asked me, times three.
    “Girl, would you marry me?”
    Said, “I will make you happy
    in the years that are coming.”
    I smiled. What else was I to do?
    He wanted to share a bed, a life and a room.
    I know he would loyally say I do,
    but no matter what he promised or conveyed
    in the future, he wouldn’t make a way.
    I should have said what I had…[Read more]

  • There be the walls,
    and outside rests it all.
    I be the builder of this cage,
    a key to the lock be the only way.
    The floor is littered in mistakes and failure
    under them all lies the key to escape here.
    If only I sift through the mess, the key would be mine.
    But I have not the will to search and find.
    Do I deserve access to it all then?…[Read more]

  • I’m slipping across the kitchen floor
    this dark, slick substance was not here before.
    Why can’t I reach the counter top?
    I’m sliding down- help, I can’t stop.
    My legs give way underneath my waist
    Down to the floor, into the substance goes my face
    Rolling over to study this liquid’s nature,
    I realize something terrible about the color.
    My…[Read more]

  • You were unsoberly proud to arrive at your limit’s end
    There couldn’t be long term effects, this is just pretend.
    The excitement of the moment drove you over
    Now you cannot return what was stolen.

    It wasn’t yours to give recklessly, dear
    All he said about your heart “heck, let’s leave it here.”
    There is a reason purity asks to wait for a…[Read more]

  • Trying to keep up with my God.
    Pursuing a life void of fraud.
    Lana says she likes you a lot
    But my ears and heart are currently blocked.

    Outside, I’ve got a few voices distracting
    My insides are convulsing, detracting
    My soul is starving and the true catch is
    I’m feeding it secular cactus.

    The heart knows better but these voices…[Read more]

  • Let’s take a walk.
    You built this road.
    It’s not as narrow as it should be,
    but the foundation is solid.
    There are a thousand cracks and canyons from battle.
    Some parts are not even safe for travel.
    But something is different about the road signs here.
    They are carved in marble.
    Other roads have less permanent signs, out…[Read more]

  • His eyes would have been of the earth and sea. I just know it.
    I should have given them a chance to open.
    His hands would have been dripping with artistic talent.
    I should have given them the time to learn.
    He would have grown white blonde curls every summer.
    I should have allowed them to see the sunlight.
    His voice would have healed a…[Read more]

  • Crave A. Cadence commented on the post, pines 6 years ago

    Needles designed to sew and repair
    a heart that was supposed to be there.
    Beyond the place of happiness that was promised
    I found the ring of love on a finger of fondness.
    All necessary pieces and parts are missing.
    This marriage machine was built only to kiss me.
    I left to spare him of the sickness, the cold
    But we will both be stricken…[Read more]

  • Why is your voice so void of passion?
    My ears catch the echo of it and bleed

    This is not how you speak to your future,
    with words void of hope or anger or sorrow.

    Give Your Almighty Future something to work with-
    scorching passion or a blizzard of hearts.

    Identify every anxious thought and I will replace it with a peace.
    Abandon…[Read more]

  • That fancy, fearless face will not be forgotten.
    Every eye that ever eases into staring at her will not lose the evil edges of her jaw;
    Her eyes are bright, but belittling,
    Her lips like to lie luxuriously; they are lost and lead lovers astray
    Her mind might make her dreams come true,
    or morph them into a malevolent massacre agains her…[Read more]

  • I am so busy, so stressed, and so sleep deprived. There is little freedom and no extra time. So many pieces I’m trying to attach, I’m moving so fast, there is no looking back. The only moment I stopped to take a breath was a selfish one that turned into a mess. I’m sorry, but I have no time for surprises or company,

    especially not for the…[Read more]

  • God, it’s all over the ground. The snow is evil crimson. Everywhere. My God his clothes are drenched. There’s so much blood. I can’t stop the flow. Oh my God. I’m not taking the Lord’s name in vain- it’s just that, everything I’m saying is a prayer. I can’t stop begging God for help. I’m applying pressure like I’m supposed to- like you’re supposed…[Read more]

  • Under the rug. Everything I felt is now under the rug. I don’t know where this rug came from, perhaps I stole it. Or created it myself. Maybe someone gave it to me a long time ago. I’ll never know. But the imminent judgement and rejection was too much to carry. I was weak. So I dropped everything- responsibility, honor, faith.

    How do you tell…[Read more]