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    She is like a cactus, Unable to reach to her, Without being hurt, Without reaching the pricks that she builds, The walls that are made to push, Push out, But maybe, Maybe, If you retreat, only to come back again, You will be able to reach something else, Reach a core, And maybe, if you […]

  • I could not think, Not here, Not anywhere, Trying to find a sanctuary, And I did, To the building so calm and so quiet, I could be free of mind, Reach a sort of enlightenment, As I settle in with ease, Taking a new journey, Carving a new path, I only wish you would have […]

  • Mixing the paint,
    Finding the canvas to fill,
    Sprinkling color everywhere,
    To dazzle,
    To provoke,
    But instead stern discipline is forced,
    Follow, act,
    Slow, steady, slowly,
    Perhaps it is just not my way.

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    As the sun sets and the moon rises You shine brighter than the stars in the skies, As you walk down the lane of promise, I can’t help but sigh, This beauty, unmatched, Is mine, for now and for forever, The wonder in this! Red roses, red lips, Your smile that reaches your eyes, And […]

  • Reaching to what I thought would save me, Because I knew it was the only thing that could reverse, The effects of absence, Withdrawal without intention, Yet even as I return to the addiction, I know I need to escape, To be the one to leave my dependency, Or else I’ll be stuck in this […]

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    I want the world out my window,
    With steel skyscrapers that diamonds cannot outshine,
    Lush green willows under trees,
    A ferris wheel by the hill,
    Canals and boats,
    Water so blue,
    Sun so bright,
    A life so light,
    I cannot accept anything else as right.

  • The twinkling of the history, Hinted across the black canvas of night, Promising to fulfill the ends of all hopes and desires, But you are wishing to the past, To the bright lights that no longer shine right, Putting faith into something so gone that you would not notice disappearance, And then you cry and […]

  • If there was a door of me, I thought it was best to leave it be, To let the wind come as it pleased, And make the best of the visitors it brought, Yet now I am closing the door, Because I am done, I don’t want any more, This is too much, And I […]

  • For not listening to my own words, this is what I get, All this punishment from ignoring the lips that spoke the truth, Stuck in a cycle that gets worse and worse, never better, So what is there to do? When one step forward is two steps back? Better to fall in something so much […]

  • Revolving around one idea,
    One thought,
    One breath,
    That everything can count on this,
    The creation of this,
    The existence of this,
    All moving, spinning,
    Trying to understand how could something could be so,
    That if the middle were to fall,
    The world would too.

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    To take everything you have said, And listen to each lie you told, That would be too much of me, For I can’t fall for them like everyone else had, I never was caught in the webs you weaved, And for defiance, I do think, That your punishment is in abundance, That you think for […]

  • I was anything but such, But I did not even realize the cause, I thought if something was related, The correlation would be obvious, Instead I have been slowly slipping, Into a world where I have been unseemly, Only to realize the source of my chaos, That was proven correct by your return, And I […]

  • I could be at the corners of everywhere, And still find you there, See you in my dreams, In the folds and in the seams, Where you would slip in, unseen, And uncover all my hopes and fears, Fill me up with smiles and tears, Leaving me with an empty space, As I try and […]

  • Drifting off to the horizon, That seemed so close, Even though everyone swore it could never be caught in by fingers, Rather only be admired from afar, For to reach it, would require the distance of stars, And I could never believe, It only made sense to me, To reach and reach, from the clouds […]

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    My life has become lifeless, The light has been shut off, The switch in the wrong direction, Sensing my energy being ebbed away, Without any sight I have lost my might, And in the night, My eyes can’t see, I cannot move, This is a limbo, A standstill, All I can do is wait, For […]

  • I can make words for myself, I can shine and polish my own being, For being’s sake, For life’s sake, Without cracks, or even with, I can still function, I am like a glass moon, With glass eyes, And a glass heart, Only trying to look through all this light, To find my own beam […]

  • Can you capture it all? Put it together in a timeless lock? Keep everything I ever valued, Away, away from me, So I never have to face them, So I can be free from them, But I doubt that’s how it works, I doubt I ever will be, Because they will call for me, And […]

  • This dull ache wins, This punishing is puny yet it punishes still, And with greatness it remains weak, It rules but there is nothing there to keep its hold, How can something so strong falter so easily? This pounds and pounds but it cannot hurt, So why oh why is it pounding? There is no […]

  • I can’t help but imagine, How free and limitless these creatures are, As they jump hills as if they were clouds to watch, Abundant and moving like a hummingbird, They can never be still, And loyal they are, Never betray, For they remember to say when they can no longer go, So a stop could […]

  • With your eyes trembling,
    Melting into lids that are trying to cover,
    All those tears that your life breathed out,
    I can’t help but think,
    How beautiful you are in this instant,
    With stars falling out of your eyes,
    And sadness in every word you speak.