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    Her tutor sat in front of her with a concentrated expression as he read over her assignment. She had never shown her writing to anyone before. It was nerve wracking watching someone read it. What would he think? Suddenly he released a sigh, put down his pencil, and looked up at her with a smile.

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    She wandered the streets aimlessly, her bare feet stinging at the open cuts. She fell to the ground and lay there for a moment, debating whether she should get back up or not. The sound of shoes on the pavement grew louder and soon someone was before her. Looking up, she saw a man with his hand outstretched and a kind smile. She smiled back weakly…[Read more]

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    I delved into the book, drawn into the mysterious world that almost felt like home. It was my sanctuary. However, it wasn’t real. Regardless of how magical that place was, it was never going to be able to withstand reality and protect me from the world indefinitely. When I closed the book again, I would be back in the middle of a storm beyond my control.

  • She wandered the streets of Manhattan, oblivious to her surroundings. She just kept walking, hoping that if she walked far enough it would lead to an escape from the life in chains that she’d been living for so long. Before she knew it, she found herself on the outskirts of the city, staring up at a mysterious yet inviting mansion surrounded by…[Read more]

  • I put my hands on her shoulders. They were cold. My eyes wandered over her body before resting on her face. She was shivering and her lips had turned blue. Just how long had she been out here? “Let’s go,” I said, taking her hand but she didn’t move. All she did was look at me with painful eyes and whisper “No.”

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    Her auburn hair blew wildly in the cold, February wind. Something about her beautiful blue eyes and tragic smile made me want to pull her close and never let go, reassuring her that everything was going to be okay. However, that was something I couldn’t do. That was something I could never do.

  • I looked up at the sky in awe. There was something majestic about how the stars were mapped out before us. I felt something soft brush against my fingers. Startled, I looked down to find him reaching for my hand. He held it firmly in his and gave it a gentle squeeze. My face felt warm while I tried to hide my smile. He was also beautiful. I knew I…[Read more]

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    There was an eerie aura looming over the city foreshadowing the unexpected event that was to come. No one believed it would happen. Everyone tried to close their eyes to what was before then but no matter how much they tried not to see, it was always there. The darkness engulfed the city. It had begun.

  • She ran through the street, looking at every festival stall and the fireworks with excited eyes. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched her. Her innocence was mesmerising. One day, I knew she would grow up and […]

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    I rode down the dirt road, blinking rapidly in an attempt to see past the tears blurring my eyes. Everything was going wrong; nothing was the same any more. All I knew was that I needed to escape. This would be […]

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    I paced up and down the hallway nervously, waiting for someone to arrive, not that I knew who I was waiting for. I looked up as the door opened. I went to open my mouth to say hello but realised that no one was […]

  • I ran through the forest as fast as my little feet could carry me, chasing the butterflies as they soared freely through the air. Giggling as I skipped away, my mother chased after me, telling me to slow down. I […]

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    I ran down the corridor at full speed. He was closing in on me as my legs began to turn to jelly. The walls seemed to twist in front of me as my eye sight blurred. Reaching the end, despair spiralled wildly in my […]

  • I walked down the pathway towards the gardens where they were waiting for me. I had heard so many stories about this sacred place but that’s all I thought they were – simply stories. I stopped just before the […]

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    He made his way slowly down the deck and looked out onto the ocean. The clouds were dark as a storm brewed, rocking the ship violently. Squinting, he could just about see land in the distance behind the thick fog. […]

  • I sat at the round, wooden table fiddling with the napkin spread across my lap anxiously as I stared at the oddly shaped crystalline centrepiece. I didn’t want to be there I shouldn’t have been there. All I wanted and needed was sitting in his living room in a bungalow across town with a guitar […]

  • In the beginning it was perfect. He was a gentleman, so kind, so loving. I couldn’t ask for anything more because he was everything that I wanted. Slowly, without me even realising, things started to change. Our perfect life together turned into one filled with arguments and bitterness. Eventually we just fell apart. Now here […]

  • They lay on the grass together, staring into each others eyes, the clouds in the sky reflecting in their irises. The moment was perfect, their love for each other so passionate and real. They never believed it would end. This was it, everything they needed was right before them.

  • She lit the candle on the table and smiled at the scene laid out in front of her – a silk white cloth, beautiful silverware and a home cooked meal for two underneath the dim lighting and dark candles. She knew that she hadn’t been the best wife lately and her husband deserved so much […]

  • She fell to the floor as her knees buckled underneath her. Gasping for breath through her sobs, all the memories of everything they had flooded through her head like a never ending storm. She never thought that it would come to this and she never thought that she would be the one to end it.