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    I think about the times in my childhood I was dragged, kicking and screaming, to church. My mother was raised cathlic and tried to imprint upon me the same fervent need to praise a man I couldn’t see, and repeat prayers over and over until the gilt washed away. I remember the pews, the attendees with the heads bowed, muttering something to ask…[Read more]

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    The rain came down in sheets, my wipers barely effecting the view through the windshield. I’m late, I’m late, I speed up trying to make it to the office before the security guard locks up. I can’t leave it there, they’ll find out everything. I thought back to the text on my phone, the photos, the mistakes I made. A screech-

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    The algae clung to my feet as I stepped in the lake. The lake you knew I hated. I hated nature, everything about it. I was always a prissy little thing, and you knew that, but you also knew I was too proud to back away from a challenge. I waded out to you and […]