• Nick had this hilarious girlfriend named Jane. She was one of the biggest feminist Corrine and Marcy Tills had ever met. They fit in easily in their company and for awhile they stopping needing people. They were at peace for awhile and in each other’s company and long night talks, they found what they had needed.

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    They called themselves The Squad in high school, but they never really wen anywhere far. All they ever did was go get ice cream on fridays (occasionally, sometimes that didn’t even happen). But they were still a squad and to them that’s all that mattered

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    frederick played the piano in his death and a song was wrote. his spirit kept playing and everything went together. he dreamed up a world of musical terms and characters seeped out of every crack. he saw every brick in the building and every blade of grass was easily spotted

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    she said i hate you i hate you i hate you and she said those words over and over and over and over and she was sure she was going to hell for that one time when she flipped someone off in fourth grade.

  • she told him like she owned the place

    “jimmy, i’m going to plant sunflowers here whether you like it or not”

    he frowned like he was upset but everyday the sunflowers grew taller and his smile grew with them

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    some people eat and they don’t even know they look like they haven’t eaten in a month. god, they look awful. i remember i used to eat like that and then i saw someone eating just like me and now i make eat bite take 10 seconds or more with at least a 5 second interval between bites

  • jimmy had once told her that he’d carry all the furniture she owned across the street into his house and that theyd raise a baby together and they never spoke a word of it but they knew thats how it would be because elf owls nest in cacti and for as long as elf owls nest in cacti, jimmy will carry her furniture across the street

  • all i can think of is that stupid perks book and how dumb our conversation are because they always end in you saying forever and me repeating it and i know forever isnt infinity but they sure as hell feel the same and i dont know what to make of that

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    she wanted to be a farmer when she grew up, she didn’t want cows or chickens or anything. she didn’t want a a mile of corn field, she just wanted to have a cute little farmhouse and a cat she’d give a saucer of warm milk and she imagined faires would build little houses in her flower beds

  • i felt like the second most watched person in the world, like everyone was leaning over the railing just to see me. but not in a good way. they wanted to see my toes grow into snails and they wanted me to turn pale enough to become a ghost. they begged for the chance to see my hair become strands from a willow tree and i felt like where my heart…[Read more]

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    i thought, one day when i have kids, i’ll look at them bother and tell them not to let someone else be a controlling factor in their life. i’ll tell them to stand on their own and be independent. i’ll raise them no so they’ll be how i want them to be, but so they’ll survive

  • sunflowers hot and wilted and taller than me, i was so tiny and they were so big and the sun was so hot but i could sit in the middle of them all and they would make shade for me, that was the only shade we had in out shitty dirt yard

  • we all just want something worth living for
    and i think we take that too far i think we try so hard to have this hollywood film life that our real life just crumbles away and becomes shit and thats terrible

  • she liked her salsa hot and she
    hated how in reataurants “flaming” hot sauce really should have been called “mild”
    she liked it hot enought so her eyes watered and the cuts along her lips burned

  • the old crumby ceiling that she loved to pick at and have then have them fall on her like snow and its get in her eyes god they were hiding but she liked keeping herself entertained by constantly picking at them she thought that maybe if she picked eniugh ll the ugly pieces would fall and it wouldnt look quite so shitty

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    one time she had a cat when she was 7 and she found it nearly starved to death at a chinese reaturant, her family let her yake it home and she loves it and it loved her. the cat got pregannt only a few months after it had been in her pocession and when the cat gave birth it seems as if something snapped inaides it the cat now hissed and scratched…[Read more]

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    they used to always play video games togeter, now they just fuck. she misses the gaming and playful joking and the fighting over who did or didnt screen peak and she wants to just lay down on the couch and play games like they used to but now he puts his hand in her lap and tries to evoack a reaction. she curses herself as her horny body gives in…[Read more]

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    her eyes were dark from afar and everyone thought they were black, she used to get teased about her vampire eyes. and when she went through her phase in 8th grade when she wore all black she loved them because she thought they fit her style
    but they weren’t really black they were a deep beautiful brown

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    she’s thinking of the night they kissed and she’s remembering how quickly his lips moved against hers and how his hand grabbed her at just the right spot on her side
    she’s reliving how much she wanted him and then she’s got him and the sheets are tangled and the only light is the moon and he tells her how hot she makes him and then all she wants…[Read more]

  • submerged under the open water of the open i came back up and tasted it
    salt everywhere
    salt on my lips in the wind in my hair
    i felt my chewed lips butn from it but i didnt mind
    when i put the seashell necklace in my mouth i tasted it
    and when it ran into my eyes from the corners and i looked at the sun i saw a picture of you painted…[Read more]