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    She bore a heart of steel within her, one that never cowered before the unknown. It beat with a roar like that of a lion’s, strong and true. It never faltered, never faded. It beat on and on and on.

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    Writhing bodies surrounded her, each and every one of them buzzed with alcohol. She could smell it tainting the air–a bitter smell that made her wrinkle her nose in disgust. The loud, vibrating booms of the music echoed in her ear. She covered her ears in vein. She pushed through the crowd, squeezing her way through lust-driven couples and…[Read more]

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    She slowly applied the make up on her face. She wanted to look absolutely perfect tonight–just for this night. It was her last night with him and she wanted to be etched in his memory forever. She slid into into her white wedding dress and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She watched as a single tear slid down her face.

    This was their…[Read more]

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    Flex–it wall she need to take away the pain in her aching back. But it couldn’t take away the pain in her heart.

    She had just woken up from an awkward position in bed, but the man she loved was no longer […]