• unbornsymphony commented on the post, sweep 5 years ago

    if only I could sweep away the contempt you have for me
    like the trash that it is

    brush away the lies you imagine of me
    like painting over an accident which was out of my control

    if only I could live in a vacuum
    sterilized from the words you taint my actions with

    if only I could wash away the urge to prove myself to you
    if only to…[Read more]

  • unbornsymphony commented on the post, mythic 5 years, 1 month ago

    the sound washes over me
    in a blanket of emotion
    enveloping me in the feeling

    floating in a dream
    I walk within a mythic story
    that stretches out across time

    it scatters me through space
    enter I, into you
    all so vivid in my mind

    nothing compares to this

  • unbornsymphony commented on the post, brave 5 years, 2 months ago

    find the bravery inside you
    dare to pull it out
    it will give you the strength to face the hefty weight of change
    and when you will have come out at the end
    you will hear the music of clarity

  • open eyes will open doors

    one must only dare to step through onto the path of discovery

  • I deserve to live my life.

    and there’s no reason I should have to subservient myself to do so.

  • don’t you know that sometimes we are allowed to be selfish?

    sometimes its what we need most. to shut the world out, focus on our needs, wants, purpose, interests, strengths, weaknesses, all that we don’t know about ourselves or that we forget to pay attention to. sometimes theres too much out there and so much inside, you must choose. choosing…[Read more]

  • Why aren’t we allowed to talk to each other? Particularly and especially when it comes to those we most care for? We build up walls and hide behind them and persecute anyone who climbs over or breaks them down. But shouldn’t those closest to us be allowed in? Shouldn’t they feel welcome and unafraid? Able to approach without caution, without…[Read more]

  • blood red and black lace
    with a voice like a noose
    a mind like a whip

    she welded herself just as dangerously
    just as provocatively

    my senses scattered before her
    locking me into a deadly game
    an oh, so irresistible diversion

    she teased and eluded my endeavors
    like the smoke which seeped from her long cigarette

    to me she will…[Read more]

  • She suddenly lay over and rested her head in my lap. My breath hitched as she blew smoke rings that twisted and curled up into the night just as my core did in response. Just as smoothly she raised back into a seated position beside me.

    The capricious elven creature.

  • slowly, recognition flooded in
    like the water
    in which he was submerged
    pushed under
    struggling against the onslaught
    as all the pieces fell into place
    one flash of light after another
    as the life he thought he knew ebbed away
    becoming a blur
    now he understood
    all to clear, he ceased to struggle
    allowing her to hold him down

    one by…[Read more]

  • they ventured out
    on the beginning of a journey
    knowing not what the future had in store for them
    nor what potential they held, yet to discover
    knowing not what they were to become
    or what the world would someday be
    hoping against hope
    and fearing for faith
    but striving determinedly on

    it was a beautiful day
    the sun warm overhead
    the…[Read more]

  • in many ways
    life can be as if walking through a haze
    a confusing fog
    or delirious daze

    but now it seems so clear
    ive seen the pebbles through the pond

    there is only to simplify
    to harmonize
    to then see what was hiding right under your eyes

  • unbornsymphony commented on the post, prank 5 years, 2 months ago

    up and down
    back and forth
    an everlasting battle
    an exhausting ride
    striving to scale the waves
    or, better, to balance the middle ground
    then, once again, falling to the whims of gravity
    up and down
    back and forth
    as if to prank myself
    into ever thinking I could gain control

    and do I trap myself now?
    or is it fate who’s on the…[Read more]

  • playing by the book, with alterations.

    same old story, with a different perspective.
    more mature eyes, with more determined motivations.

    my own potential leading the altercation.

    being the test of time and will.

    where, i dare indeterminism answer, shall it find me?

  • auburn hair. red balloons. scarlet. scarlet eyes and hearts and souls. scarlet passions that burn in the night and ache in the pit of the stomach. fast pumping blood coursing through veins of desire – racing, searching, longing, clutching, feeding, inspiring, then fading into the blackness of sleep, of rest, of peace, of death. the red of a cool…[Read more]

  • unbornsymphony commented on the post, blindness 7 years ago

    forward we walk, stumbling into blindness.
    marching, determined, ever on.
    and we fall and we bruise and we question all that stands in our way
    as the chill on our skin and the tightness in our chest, the labor […]

  • what if it were detension.

    then we could say “i think its time for you to detension.”
    or “you are detensionate.”
    or “you are in need of detensioning.”
    we could detension one-another.
    i think that sounds nice.

  • you look so very nice in pastels. it befits the vagueness of you. the hinting, teasing, wonder of you. there’s certainly so much more there, but we cannot see. perhaps, neither can you – yet. but it is sweet, […]

  • if only things were that easy. pass around a balanced, convincingly written piece of paper, signed by so many people. and you instantly have things your way. but so often we disregard words. or even ideas. so […]

  • unbornsymphony commented on the post, lift 7 years, 7 months ago

    tickled and fuzzy and warm. bright colors and chattering stories under the shade and a tall building in the distance. it seemed surreal, as i suppose it was.