• “It’s gone,” he said to himself eyeing the lifeless city that was once become his home.

    “They’re gone. Everyone’s dead. This is just fucking sad,” His partner muttered. “Seeing this brings back memories. I don’t want to be here. Let’s go somewhere else.”

    They walked away.

  • “Shit,” Junhong cursed inwardly after checking his height. “I’m getting taller everyday. This needs to stop.”

    “What are you doing?” Yongguk asked watching the maknae throwing stuffs.”

    “Throwing away milk. I don’t want to grow taller. I80 plus centimeters and I’m just 16. This is so wrong.”

  • He leans his back on the chair as his eyes gazes on the ceiling. “I have no hope,” he tells inwardly to himself. He grabs the gun inside his pocket and pulls the trigger. “This is then only thing I can do.”

  • “Burn the papers with fire,” he told me before taking a sip of his coffee. “Burn it with fire. Then we’ll literary burn them with our power. Let the government beg us for the power they’ve stolen.” He chuckled. “It will be me as the new system…soon”

  • I always stared at his perfect face especially his perfect jawline, and then he’s asked, “What are you looking at?” I’d answer, “Nothing. You’re just too beautiful.”

    He’s mocked, “Guys are not beautiful. We’re handsome.”

    “Whatever, beautiful.” I would laugh.

  • “Don’t treat me like a child. I’m not kid anymore,” she mocked. “You can be rough sometimes you know.” She heard his husband giggle.

    “If that’s what you want,” he replied with a with grin.

  • I flipped the next page of my book when I suddenly heard a knock on the door. I tottered towards it and opened the door. I saw him carrying a body of a child with full of wound, body covered with blood. My voice shook. “W-what in the hell-?”

    “Please help me,” he breathed hardly.

    That was the scariest thing I had ever seen in my life.

  • “Go straight ahead the street. Just don’t look back and keep going,” he stated as he put his hand on my shoulder. “Remember, there’s nothing left here. Just go away. Find freedom and be happy. And if you ever come back, don’t expect anything good.”

  • It was his responsibility to shut the hell up and keep all his negative thoughts to himself but he suddenly blurted out everything before debut and said bad about his future co-workers. Park Chanyeol, K-netizens are coming get ready and pack your things. This is a warning.

  • He stares outside the window and sees her in her usual white dress and pony tailed hair..She’s very pretty and lovely as always. And then later, she’ll disappear. It’s just illusion. He needs to go back to reality. But he can’t. Later he’ll wait for her and see her again. That’s his life away from the real world. And no one can change it.

  • He stared at the window, watching the rain pouring outside. He scratched his head and wondered if anyone could still remember his name or his existence. We wanted to get out and know it. Because he had been locked in the this room for more than a month, and no one still visited.

  • He stares outside the window glass, watching the cars pass by. The window closed. He stood up and and gradually opened the window. Still, there was no sound. He wished he could hear again. But he couldn’t. Not anymore.

  • “Choose one: Prep yourself or I’ll fuck you hard?” he asked, then I saw him licked his lips.

    “I’d choose the first one,” I muttered without thinking, drops of sweat falling from my forehead.

    He chuckled. “Good, turn around and show me what you’ve got darling.”

    I gulped. I had no choice. My husband was wild. But it would really be easier…[Read more]

  • I peeked at the audience at the hall waiting for me to come out.

    It was so nervous. I wasn’t supposed to be here.It was supposed to be my dad.Well I had no choice. I already killed him anyway.I was the head of the organization now.

    Thanks, Dad. Rest in peace.

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    “Don’t ever cry.”

    Those were the last words he heard from his boyfriend before the other left.

    Yet he did.

    He had no choice but to pour out the feelings.

    Or else it would get worse.

  • “You must not die,” he told me before I left the town.

    When I came back, he was gone. He must have waited for too long and left.

    I should’ve died instead of being alone here.

  • “Sure,” he answered my question when I asked him if it was okay to sell the house. But he added, “Don’t come back. I’ll move.”

    That was the last time I saw him.

  • It starts with fire.

    She spreads her legs in front of me while my hands are tied around the chair.
    Suddenly, I’m feeling hot. And it become hotter when she says, “Heat me up.”

    So the fire heats up.

  • A love game. It all started with a love game. In the end, I realized I wanted it to end and make everything serious. But he treated my like a toy. Who am I to complain? I was the one who started it all.

  • Five men. That was the number of people he could kill in just a minute. Don’t ever blink. Because you might miss how fast he would swing his sword. So fast, you wouldn’t believe it.