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    She sits diagonally to me in the office. I was busy checking my mails when she pinged me, ‘Hey, know where Karla sits? Need her help in formatting.’ ‘Just come on over. I’ll help you’, I said as I was familiar with Karla’s work. “Okay, just open the last mail I sent you”, someone called […]

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    It was my company. It’s all because of me that the group is so strong now. I was the one who worked day and night without sleep or food to bring business. I was like the root of this tree. But, the ones I watered were the ones with Axe. I hoped to be rooted […]

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    “I don’t feel like writing anymore”, he got up from his study table “..so much noise, all this cacophony..ahhh it’s unbearable”… He walked over to the telephone and dialed a number. A smooth voice was heard from the other end — Hiii.. this is Jane, off to shopping. Leave a message after this beep. BEEP […]

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    “I said Sorry. Now, should I say it through a megaphone or what?”, he follows his best friend to his car “You should’ve thought before hooking up with my gal”, replied Jake. “Sorry, dude. How many times do you want me to say it?” “Just Once. Say it when you mean it…” Jake turned around […]

  • Tony was a complete opposite of her. Yet, there was something that stopped her from cheating him. She wasn’t an introvert like him, she had been flirting for years before she met him. The difference is their lifestyle never reflected on their relationship. Two lives, on two very distinct paths became a single soul on […]

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    I don’t want to break it
    ohh baby, You just can’t take it

    Only… love is there to keep
    But now without it you can’t even sleep

    so.. make your choice…and don’t fret
    I’m trying to describe a gadget..

    S**t… my rhyming is disastrous :P

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    … like technology…
    I wish….
    remain forever …
    for us

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    He was determined to jump-off the cliff but had no courage to face the pain, the pain his mother would feel when she sees her child crumpled into an unrecognized mass. A tear rolled down his cheeks. He backed-off, pulled his wheelchair and thanked god for the New life.

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    “NEVER!! Never ever talk to me again” she slammed the door as she stormed out of the room. I ran behind her and saw her sitting on the hallway staircase. Her head was resting on her knees, hiding her face from me. I got close. She raised her head sensing my movements. I looked into […]

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    “Do you want to be successful?”, asked the interviewer. “Yes!”, he blurted. He had been desperately waiting for this opportunity and now, his desperation was making him nervous. “Yes??..Then tell me, what is success?”, the interviewer fired back instantly. “It is to get what you want and I want to be Rich”, he was sweating […]

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    I reply (lol) to my friends with no emotion on my face… they reply back probably doing exactly the same thing… surrounded by these tools to remain always connected… we’re eventually moving away from the real communication… enclosing ourselves in this digital fortress… got to get out… move out to a place where we (laugh […]

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    For the past 21 years, I had been nothing but a spectator. I watched people taking lead, achieving feats… I cheered for them, hated their opponents… like an audience to a spectacular event. BUT, now is the time I Rise… it’s time I be the performer.. I get the cheering… I get the applause.. It’s […]

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    Daniel’s life has not been so wonderful before. It wasn’t until he found his true love in Stacey. She caught his fancy the very first time he saw her at the pool. Shoulder length black hair, beautiful eyes, skin tone perfectly complimenting his greek looks. She had everything he ever dreamt of. Her most astonishing […]

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    I am alone
    it’s been so long

    hard to decide
    what’s right, what’s wrong

    had a nice friend
    helped me move along

    these are my words
    thus, woven into a song

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    “Wait for me”, Sylvia called out behind me as I tried to navigate my way out of the busy Street. “I’ll wait for you at the shop, I can’t stop right now”, I made an attempt to convince her not to follow me. She stopped, thinking she’ll catch me there, however, I had some other […]

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    Tina remained still in that damp corner watching over the upturned table for any movement. Then suddenly, something grabbed her leg from the ankle and started pulling her towards the hole. She was stunned as she didn’t saw anything approaching her. And then, she saw. It was him !!

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    My mind wandered away not paying any attention to what the professor was saying. I thought about the saints who wandered on to the path of righteousness while Dr. Astle continued to demonstrate his new invention, experimenting his every little observation on me.

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    There she stood, all by herself amidst all those strangers. I wanted to make a move, but couldn’t gather the courage to approach her. Then, she looked up and moved towards me, her long dress swept the floor behind her.