• Voyage is the kind of word that is always in the distance, the kind of word you chew on and dream about but never approach. Even when you’re on an adventure (another one) you just think, “this is ordinary life, not a voyage–that is yet to come.” It is always yet to come.

  • Seriously LONGING for this word to switch to a differnt one. Doesn’t this thing change once a day? maybs not. ANyway. Proud of myself for writing. Don’t matter what it says. Just gotta keep typatity tapping.

  • Oy. Longing. What about shortening? Hey hey!

    My longing is cumbersome. It would be better to be middling or averaging. I just want to enjoy writing. I guess I have to learn how to want writing differently. Motivation.

  • Sex. That’s what I have to start with and I’m not too happy with it because, ooo, people having sex, tightly gripping on red silk sheets BORING

    even having that sex would be boring. What a performance. Amazing sex is boring. Boo! Next! I’m a bit of a critic lately I guess. Well, FUCK EM.

  • We see puppies not for puppies but for the symbol of our own strange perverted wild instincts. The word tastes like strawberry ice cream (not real strawberries perhaps)–silly, pink, a little bit soft.

  • We make up Occupancy Rules because otherwise we are just living and there isn’t anything to keep our minds distracted, and we die when we are not distracted enough. So we tell our children, children, don’t walk on this grass, children be quiet after 10, and then our children go to college to discuss academically how and why and what the rules are…[Read more]

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    I’m just playing hero. The game starts now, and it ends with my heroic death, tangled up in a blanket cloak, and a cohort of people around me, some of whom I have tried to save. If only I could have saved myself.

  • Stolen! I yelled, running through the streets, screeching, looking at every stranger suspiciously, trying to name the big missing hole in my heart, and hoping that there used to be something there, it was there, I was whole, who is it that has left me in this state of fragmentation….

  • We call each other savages, and all of us are offended, though none of us knows what it means. No one is a savage at all really, all that is left is a bad taste in our mouths and a sense that sometime there was something unsavory to be, a long lost ancestor who embarrasses us, a corner of ourselves that we must never accept.

  • We’re all a little bit afraid of being secluded, but the irony is, we’re usually the ones imposing it on ourselves. Preemptive damage, if you will. It’s okay to be alone, we learn eventually, after all this pain, we learn it’s okay to be alone…

  • Our lives revolve gently around wheat. Every morning I get up just to chew over a bowl, walk on and on and later I can slurp some wheat noodles and I keep chewing myself and chewing myself through everyday.

  • I have the growing desire to blast the girls next to me with every kind of irritated reproach; now a sharp or witty remark, and in a moment of weakness, some sort of explosives. Sadly, my own mind is the only thing enduring any trial, and they talk on.

  • Hard to face your own fatigue sometimes–I hope I can overcome the burden sometime.

  • You’re a door. Your mind is the doorknob.

    Do you speak when you spin? Do you open with a flourish, close with a boom? Or do you revolve after each person who goes through your doors…

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    We wrap ourselves up in layers of warm methods at nice, whispering to ourselves over and over that we are not the first ones to stumble through this adventure, that many have come before, that our methods will keep us warm and suspend the pulsing life in our veins.

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    July was the time I first knew that I loved you. I hadn’t seen you for months, and didn’t care, or wanted not to care, and then I dreamed you and me more honest and more real than we ever were. And our dream selves were in love, and I knew we should try to reach for them.

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    You can keep the sky, all I want is the roof–I’d settle for balancing on two feet, no wings, but a full view of a night speckled with stars.

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    It’s as simple as it should be, she told me, while the world spun around us and all of heaven was hell and hell became heaven and I couldn’t speak because none of it was right, and nothing I could have said would have been true enough.

    She looked me directly in the eyes, as if to say she knew.
    “Simple as it needs to be.”

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    These days, all higher means is ‘pass the joint.’ We’re all so burnt out on big dreams, we had 20 good years of people asking us what we want to do when we grow up, now people ask us our majors and career paths.

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    We are all born under, under the blood soaked covers, and reminded forever that we are under heaven, underneath the right to live that we have been given. We are underneath, and that is all we know.