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    She found him standing at the end of driveway. He looked out of it during the party. She couldn’t blame him. She called his name to no response. As much as she didn’t want to bring up the “you work for me, so answer me” card, time is money an. He engaged her eyes the next time she called his name. He looked distant, arms hanging free at his sides.…[Read more]

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    “Hop on car number twenty five”, Jolene said, “I’m in the Douglas Tower Apartments, half mile west of the final stop. ”

    With many apologies and swift foot work, Ricky weaved through crowds of people, fresh out of the cubicles for the day. He glanced over the directory one more time before he boarded the car. One mistake and he would end up on…[Read more]

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    I had two plants laid on my Lazy Susan, ready have their essence extracted. One is the deadliest poison in the country. The other is a rare medicine known to cure any affliction. The plants look identical to the naked eye. I didn’t tell my brother that before I gathered them. I told him to trust me. He’d been unconscious since he caught the bug.…[Read more]