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    I never thought I would be this deep in. I used to be so scared and now, through the fear, I push forward into what is usually referred to as ‘the light’. I’m not sure if it’s light out where I land. I’ve always liked the evening in fall. So I’d like to start there. Use the light of the moon on an adventure.

  • They can’t feel themselves
    Daleks ruin humanity
    the cockroach of the universe
    but somehow they are always
    stepped on

  • Tescia Schell commented on the post, ground 7 years, 3 months ago

    the glass in the ground
    illuminated her face
    making the lines bright

    shimmering shards of last night’s
    last year’s lazy walker

    she lay there like a dart fallen off of the board

  • Tescia Schell commented on the post, help 7 years, 4 months ago

    i report a help call sir!
    please take me to the planet where i can multitask the most

  • Tescia Schell commented on the post, begin 7 years, 5 months ago

    the dive begins
    sink information deep into my brain
    so i can excavate it later
    will this homework ever end
    I’m looking for a different kind of madness

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    three muscles flex
    preparing to sift through the etcha sketch
    travel through the lines in the road
    you find yourself already trapped in the box
    running running running along one line that wrapps around […]

  • the weather seeps in between the wood planks on the deck
    your hair is all wet and deflated
    whether i could dream you away or closer
    i’m not sure if i would
    i’m not sure you really exist
    or if i’m sending out […]

  • the combination
    of the both of you in my head
    is giving out to much power to you two

    too much hasn’t happened
    i miss you
    i will never know you
    you will never understand
    the ocean sounds my brain makes

  • the profound lack of lines around your eyes says your not wise yet the crows still bark in your mind they have not reached the mud of your skin keep calling it clay if you want either way you’re still waiting for an imprint its just a couple of footprints from a bird to you […]

  • the artistry of nineteen
    of late night
    of love insanity
    is all but one
    is all but lost

    i wonder if you’re thinking about me?

    i hope so

  • i want to match you up with blue corn pancakes maybe its because you told me you only eat once a day or because they have nothing to do with you and nothing is void nothing is a blank to fill so i will call you blue corn pancakes when im hungry for the kind […]

  • i am sitting in an upside down umbrella scooping out the rain with the scrunched up bowl of my hands i float along from puddle to puddle these little lakes barely contain all of your thirst i want to quench if i can at all i don’t know your ends i bob to the next […]

  • Tescia Schell commented on the post, silk 8 years, 6 months ago

    in this simple morning
    i didn’t want your silk
    i wanted your canvas
    painted or not
    it’d show me what was left to do
    to add to the work
    or hang you up
    and admire as something
    not apart of me
    admire you as something
    i hold
    on the walls of my mind

  • Tescia Schell commented on the post, lock 8 years, 6 months ago

    this morning you made me lock all of the hurt in the dishwasher
    nest in the forks and spoons

  • Tescia Schell commented on the post, wings 8 years, 6 months ago

    is that the last time i’m going to see your house? being kicked out on wasp wings i want more than anything to resolve everything and you could quit being so selfish and quit taking my selflessness on rides that make olympus look low hanging this morning began another mourning. i want to quit counting […]

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    You are my crazy i held you in my phone like you were about to break and me crying was going to save us both but dad going back to rehab isn’t making feel better anymore checking in after you check out of every promise to every day with each injection that you take makes […]

  • sometimes i’m blue due to the presence of you this is just a little something as i stand at the station watching you wave into blur as i ride away on someone else’s kisses maybe were lovers in another dimension where the sky is purple n’ shit i should have roped you up when i […]

  • i wanted to make you my canteen i wanted to kiss you whenever i was thirsty and you’d cure my yearning by being my date to dinner and my light-hearted lover Maybe it’s because i’m a lady and your a woman but lady i’m the woman that’s been wanting to love you lately i want […]

  • My throat is glowing red
    from swearing to the picket fence dream
    now i say it in vain
    i know there is no tire swing
    on the other side of this day dream
    that i call my brain
    that cranks out silly little notes
    on a treble clef that no one will ever hear

  • i drew my third eye on my forehead with eyeliner the other day hoping to find out why you are so good at making me feel like shit keep talking bullshit it fertilizes my fits i will always care about you but now i choose quit no restart no back to menu leave me alone […]